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We entered the big gate of the private school. I was now enrolled at Hathaway High as a senior. New identity, new environment, new subject, what could go wrong?

"Please remember what we've practiced the other day Cam," Greg reminded and I told him not to worry. As a princess profanities were the last thing I would ever do although I have spoken a word in my mind it was just not right coming out from my tongue.

As my father used to say. "Such words should not be coming out from the mouth of a princess."

We head out to the principal's office and students were eyeing me up and down although I was used to it. I was taller than most girls which was a good thing.

The door opened to the office and we headed in, welcomed by the smell of coffee and other stuff I was not familiar with.

"Welcome to Hathaway High Mr. Shaw," the lady shook Greg's and my hand firmly and I hesitated a bit but did it anyway. Unsanitary.

"Thank you so much. This is my son Cam," Greg tapped my shoulder and I tried not to shrug, all those practice was not going down the drain today.

Is the touching really necessary though.

"You look good in our uniform Cam," the lady smiled and I thanked her politely.

"Such a polite young man you are. Here is your timetable, do you need someone to show you around?"

"Not necessary ma'am," I replied.

After saying a few words we left her office and I followed Greg to the parking lot.

"Good luck Cam," he said and I know he was battling not to call me by my title.

"Thank you Greg, see you later."

"Wait," he stopped as I was about to walk away. "Let me take a picture of you."

Before I could protest he snapped the camera but I looked away.

"Wow, my son still looks good," he laughed and I shook my head

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"Wow, my son still looks good," he laughed and I shook my head. He waved goodbye and I went inside the big building.

The bell already rang a while ago and I looked at the timetable for my room.

As I was looking down at the paper somebody bumped into me, causing us to stumble and I frowned.

"Oh shit, I am so sorry man," he said. The young man had light brown hair and a small face.

"Don't worry about it," I said.

"You sure? I was running because I was late. By the way I am Matthew but you can call me Mat," he held out his hand to shake.

Another touching.

I reached out my hand and held it firmly, "Cam."

"Well Cam, seems like you're new here, let me see your timetable," he reached for my paper and he smiled. "Guess we're going to be sticking together a lot. We all have the same subjects."

Oh great.

I had my best poker face on and followed him. We strolled down the big hallway as if we weren't late until we reached a door. Mat knocked and the door opened to another lady probably the instructor.

"You're late again."

Mat rubbed the back of his neck and a guilt was on his face. "I had him show me around since I'm new."

The lady looked at me and smiled instead, welcoming us to the room. Dozens of eyes looked at me as the instructor guided me to the front and Mat sat in the back beside an empty seat.

"My name is Mrs. Humphrey, please introduce yourself."

Well, I am royalty and you all are giving me headache already.

"My name is Cam Shaw, nice meeting you," I said in my manly voice. The girls were obviously looking weirdly at me, wanting to hear me speak more.

"Well Mr. Shaw, you can sit with Mat back there."

I made my way to the empty seat and sat down. Most of the guys were slouching and slumping on their seat and I really didn't want to do that but I had no choice.

Ms. Humphrey continued her lesson to which I already knew because I had my tutor teaching me all the things I needed to know. Pen and a hanky were all I brought with me to school.

Mat looked smart and I started liking him already. The girls were too distracted listening to the instructor and I was annoyed already. The bell rang for next class and I followed after Mat since he knew where to go. We stopped by the male restroom and I went in.

"Fucking shit, that's huge," Mat raised his voice and I hid myself from him. If you're wondering, yes. I am a princess with a penis. My birth certificate was written as a male but then I started showing signs of the female parts and my parents sent me to a doctor and told me I was intersex and I had more of the female genes. I was already used to being a boy and my dad liked the idea of having a girl so they changed my lifestyle but did not do anything about my penis.

My parents didn't want the public to see me when I was just a baby in order to protect me and it was my sixteenth birthday when the neighboring kingdoms knew I was the princess.

"Girls would be chasing for you man," he said as I washed my hands and dried them with my hanky.

"Not a talker are you."

"Not really."

Raised up in different lifestyle was weird. First I ran everywhere next I was taught to walk straight. It was confusing but I didn't mind.

It was not my intention to be lost in thought that I didn't see the person and I bumped into them, causing the girl to fall.

"I apologize," I held my hand out and she didn't accept it. When I thought I was done apologizing I left and somebody pulled me, pushing me on the wall, grabbed my collar and looking irritated.

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