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When the Queen said tomorrow would be a long day, she didn't lie. I usually wake up at six thirty but Vi woke me up today at four and adviced to be up and ready.

The Queen had me learn proper etiquette and I quote you'll be a princess soon so you need to learn basic royal stuff end quote and she giggled at what she said at the last part.

So at five in the morning I was introduced to Benjamin for my first lesson.

Is this what I get for all these pretending? Cam was the one who needed me because she was afraid of her own mother and yet here I am suffering and learning proper manners like I didn't have one.

"Lower m'lady," Ben gently pushed my shoulder down so I could curtsy at the right angle. Fucking what angle? No one brings a protractor and see the angles how your fucking knees bent.

This is really fucking insane. History class was more interesting than this and that's saying something.

"Want to take a break?"


"No, no, no m'lady. Its "yes" not yeah. You're not a hipster but a graceful lady awaiting to be a princess."


"Yes," I clenched my jaws at this ridiculous lessons that I have to go through. Is this what all Royal people go through because please, I want to resign.

After two hours I finally got to have a break or so I thought. Vi rushed to myself and guided me to a ballroom.

"M'lady, this is Walter who will be teaching you how to waltz."

Wow, fun.

"Lady Morgan, I was instructed to teach you how to waltz by the Queen. Apparently a Ball in your honor will be hosted in two days from now and it is my job to show you how to be elegant and graceful like a Princess. "

Another bullshit.

"I can't dance waltz by myself," I reasoned.

Walter laughed loudly, "of course not m'lady. Her Royal Highness Princess Cameron will be accompanying you."

"Well where is she?" I need to beat up someone. I didn't sign up for this.

"She has meetings to tend to but you will have the opportunity to dance with the Princess at the Ball."

Walter was gentle unlike Ben earlier this morning. He was calmer and had more patience with me but how close his face was was distracting.

"First things first, curtsy when Her Royal Highness approaches and asks for a dance."

I did what he said and what Ben taught, the perfect angle knee bend.



"I don't think I can last longer," I complained to Kayla on the phone after a long day. I have been here for two days now and nothing was improving, I can't waltz. I'm fucking stiff.

Cam was nowhere in sight to save me from all these lessons they put me through. She seemed to be always busy.

I dismissed Vi for the night as I lay in my chamber at ten in the evening.

Kayla laughed over the phone.

"Stop laughing at me! It's not funny, do you know how many times I've stepped on Walter's foot?"

"Poor guy," she chuckled.

I told Kayla what I did all day from five in the morning up to eight in the evening. I spent two hours in the bath to relax myself and de-stress. Lunch and dinner took me a while because I had to sit straight throughout the process and decipher which fucking spoon to use then learn how to feed yourself properly like a future princess.

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