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But she wants to have sex with me. How do I do that? I am not ready nor do I know how.

Why is this so complicated?

I was torn between grand apology gesture by having flowers, gifts. This google advices are so extreme.

So I did the simplest thing, message her.

Hey it's me. I didn't mean anything that I said and I'm sorry.

I waited and waited but no reply came. My foot was tapping on the floor waiting for her respond or maybe barge again in my room and we would be talking again.

Was my apology not good enough? Why is she so complicated? She was online but she wasn't responding to me.

It was almost midnight and I still haven't heard from her. After I showered, I still didn't get any.

Growing frustrated I decided to go to her instead. I knocked on the door but didn't hear any noise inside.

She must be sleeping.

When I was about to walk away the door opened.


She rolled her eyes and I stepped a foot inside so she wouldn't close the door.

"Can we talk?"

She tried to remove my foot but it stood firm. "It's 2am go away."

"I won't take long. Just hear me out."

She groaned then allowed me inside. This was my first time inside her room. It was so like her, colorful and bright.

Her arms crossed and she frowned. She wore baby blue silk night gown, her dark hair cascading down her shoulders, her cheeks a little tint of red.

Now that I was here, my mind decided to be uncooperative. My mouth would open then close and repeat.

"If you don't have nothing to say, you can leave."

"N-no wait. I do have something to say."

I rubbed the back of my neck and looked down. "You-uh-I'm sorry." I finally muttered.

"Why are you apologizing? Did you do something wrong?"

According to the twins yeah and I kind of feel bad now.

"It wasn't a mistake."

"What's not a mistake?"

I promise I could hear the clock ticking although there was no clock in here. The silence was so loud.

"Kis-kissing you."

She sighed and combed her hair. "Then why did you kiss me?"

"I don't know."

Morgan walked to her door and opened it. "Just leave."

"Are we okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure."

I thought we were okay. I walked back to my room smiling and skipping. We were now okay.

But the next day when I was about to approach her she walked away.

"What did you do now?" Mat asked.

"I don't know but I talked to her though."

"Tell me what happened."

I explained how I said it was not a mistake then she asked me why I kissed her and I didn't know why.

Mat scoffed, "oh my G-d Cam. Good job."

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