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Everyone in the room was surprised. Their confused reaction turned to a grin when they thought Morgan and I already knew each other. But what was more surprising was she was the niece they were talking about and I am now a hundred percent sure my parents would want me to marry her.

If I knew they were even related I would have done better at avoiding this at all cost.

"You two know each other?" Rianna commented, not hiding that grin off her face. Now that they were standing close to each other, the resemblance is distinguishable. Although Rianna was older she looked quite young for her age, you can do wonders with a healthy diet. Rianna was just slightly shorter than Morgan was and had the chubby, older woman look. I can now picture out an old Morgan.

My parents were acting like highschool students who liked being thirdwheels and being the bridge of two people as they giggled on the sideline, expecting that both of us would click.

Morgan looked from me and to her aunt deliberately.

"What no. I meant the cam, the camera." She points to the cctv camera in the far corner of the room confidently. So she doesn't want them to know.

"Do you know her Cameron?" My mother asked this time, hoping that I atleast knew her.

"Uhm," I started but Morgan stared at me with no emotion, just that straight look that made my palm sweat and rekindle memories from highschool.

"What I meant to say is that uhm," I looked for something in the room that could help me.

"You misheard me, I said no gun?" I pointed to one of the security with no gun attached to him.

"Yes, didn't want to scare them off yet so I made them keep it safe somewhere," dad joked and I laughed nervously while mother had a crestfallen look.

Morgan finally looked away from me but the tension was still there. What the fuck, this is my house why am I nervous.

While my parents talked with Morgan, Rianna came to talk to me.

She smiled as she looked at her niece from far away. "Morgan look like she's tough but she's actually soft once you get to know her."

I know.

"Please get to know her Your Highness," she slightly bowed and I did the same.

Mat barged in the room and beamed happiness. "How's my favorite people- oohh Morgan," and making it more tensed than it already was.

The look Morgan gave me and Mat could kill if that was possible. I mean I'd already be dead in highschool if that was ever possible.

"You know her Mat?" Mother asked nonchantly.

Morgan and I both stared at Mat and he looked like a deer caught in a headlight.

"Uh n-no? I actually meant to say is uh," Mat looked between Morgan and I. "I uh just bought a Morgan Aero 8," he stuttered.

"Really? Let me see it," my dad said excitedly. Of course Mat lied at owning an Aero 8, he's always broke and I don't even know what he does with his money.

"I actually need Matthew to show Lady Morgan my new set of collection," I improvised, trying not to sound nervous.

"What collection? You don't even have one-"

"Oh you mean that thing Your Highness? The thing you bought last week?" Mat added, his reaction was everywhere.

"What thing?" My mom asked suspiciously.

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