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"What happened to you?" Mat eyed me and was ready to burst out laughing.

"Don't ask," I muttered under my breath. After kicking the boss lady off the bed I regretted it immediately. She gazed daggers and came after me. She left a bruise on my face and people were gossiping again. "Is it that bad?"

"Nah, you look bad ass," he chuckled. We sat on the top bleachers because it was sheltered from the sun. We were out in a big field. Today was the Sports Event and I was forced to come out, support my self proclaimed girlfriend playing basketball but their game was later inside. We were watching soccer and both teams were good. Neither of them successfully scored a goal.

"What sports do you play?" My plus one asked. It was easier to get used to him now. I really don't have a choice since people just do what they want and annoy you twenty-four seven.

I learned to shrug, very unladylike. "Anything." I also happen to be communicative. "You?"

"None," he laughed like it was funny. "But I play mind games. I know you don't believe but I am pretty good at it," he bragged and I believed him instantly. He seemed smart but clumsy the day I met him.

The boss lady appeared, ruining my peace and friendly interaction with Mat. He immediately tensed up and I shook my head. She asked to talk and I complied.

Am I the only one to not find her intimidating? There's one person that intimidates me more than ever though. Back in the palace I used to be a trouble maker, making the lives of everyone harder. My grandmother was fed up. Even before she punished me I was already afraid of her. A smile never showed on her face, she was always grumpy only when it came to me. That day she brought me underground, tied me to a big wheel and spun me around. I never told anyone about it since she threatened me again and I stopped messing with them. It was a traumatizing experience for a kid.

Anyways, the boss lady had her hair up. She wore a fit black one piece dress short that clung on her body and not gonna lie, it looked good on her. I noticed a tattoo on her forearm and I asked her about it.

"Fake," she said. "Take a picture of me after the game."


"Because as a boyfriend you need to act like you actually like me."

"But it is not true." I don't like her.

She rolled her eyes. "Listen to me or you will listen to me talking on that microphone."

"Fine," I groaned and she left and I went back to sit a safe distance beside Mat.

"When did you change shirt?" I questioned

"Oh, just a while ago. It was hot," he paused. "What did she need?" He tossed his around me, biting his lip.


"You are nosy, aren't you."

"I live for gossip," he remarked

I paused for a moment, looking weirdly at the guy. "Are you...gay?"

"What do you think?" He smirked, raising his brow, his voice awkwardly seductive.

As far as I know, girls liked gossips and rumors but that's on me. In the palace I hear old ladies gossip all the time and he is touchy.


He burst out laughing and shaking his head. Mat waved his hand somewhere as if he was calling someone. I looked to the direction and saw Mat running and highfiving Mat.

"No dude, I'm all straight. It was fun messing with you," Mat who came running said. I looked from the two confusingly.


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