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I wanted to surprise Morgan so I covered her eyes so she would not get to see where we were heading. Mat and Kayla were smirking as I followed them. I'm starting to have a bad feeling about this.

A haunted house or getting scared was not something I got to feel so I had no idea what to expect of this event.

"Where are we going?" Morgan giggled as we entered the cold, dark house. "Ice town?"

As soon as the door closed, I removed my hand from her eyes, "surprise."

She grabbed by hand right away and pull me close. "Where are we?"

"Haunted house?" I muttered, finally realizing Mat fooled me again. This trusting people should not be habit of mine.

"W-why do you think it's a good idea. Never mind, I have the feeling those two put you up to this," she gripped my hand and I try not to wince in pain. We couldn't exit from where we came in and we had to find the exit and survive or more like I had to survive Morgan's deadly grip.

"Are you scared?" I asked and she nodded honestly.

"Don't worry, I'm here," I reassured and pulled her close.

"Promise you won't let go of my hand?" She whispered and I said yes. There was very little light illuminating the dark room so we were able to see where we were heading.

There was glow in the dark footprints below us, indictating to follow it. I walked ahead, feeling the cold air and noticing the man made cobwebs and spiders.

Only eerie sounds were made and no one had appeared yet but her grip on was not loosening a bit. We walked down the stairs and I finally noticed Mat and Kayla were nowhere to be found. I thought we went in together or maybe they went ahead.

We stopped by between two pathways and a table with instructions in them.

The left way was for little to no scare and the right for the hard core jump scares. Morgan stopped me when I was about to go to the left.

"What's wrong?"

"I think it's a trap," she says unsure of everything.

"Why would you think that? It's basically just a simple instruction," I remarked. We stayed a while discussing where we should go and I was now doubtful of everything. The more we spent here the more the hair on my skin turned up. The cold air and the additional eerie sound and little light was getting in my nerve.

We finally made a decision to go to the right way because she's always right. I pull Morgan closer to me when she screamed, thinking there was a spider crawling on her legs which wasn't there.

"You okay?" I asked her and told her to breathe and relax. It's just a spider. We walked in further and it got more colder and colder.

A figure was standing a few feet away from us. Her long hair hid her face and I gulped.

When we took a step it would also take a step towards us.

At this moment Morgan was behind me and I also wanted to crawl in the corner and maybe his behind her as well.

"Morgan?" I whispered, feeling my sweat buildup.

"If you show your face maybe she'll get scared," I joked and she gripped me tighter and I reacted to it, frowning at Morgan.

When I looked back the lady was gone and we looked to our side and back. As soon as I turned back around her face was in front of me and I screamed, girl screamed and ran, almost leaving Morgan behind. The floor shook and we lost our balance and other scary things popped up one by one and I think I peed myself.

I steadied myself as I stood up helping Morgan as well and ran to the exit. I have never ran that fast in my life and my heart was beating rapidly.

While we were too caught up catching our breath Kayla and Mat were laughing.

"Didn't think you'd get scared there Cam," Mat teased and I ignored him but Morgan didn't as she punched his arms playfully.

"Fuck you Mat," she groaned. My heart was slowly getting back to it's normal rhythm and one thing I discovered. I am scared of haunted houses. I think I'm not going to sleep a wink tonight.

We decided to head back home after we ate dinner and getting mad at Mat. I will never believe Mat says anymore. No more.

Morgan went to her room to shower and I went to mine and cleaned myself.

I knocked on her door so I went in instead and laid on her bed, smelling the scent I had learned to like. The water was running in her bathroom so my mind drifted to last night as I waited for her.

The feeling of her skin on my fingers, her reaction to my touches, the sounds she made, the kisses she left on my skin.

My thoughts were interrupted when she came out of the bathroom with a frown.

"What's wrong?"

She laid beside me, as my big shirt rode up revealing a skin, snuggling close and whined. "I'm on my period."

One good thing I have a penis is that I will never get to experience the pain she'll feel.

I turned to my side and pulled her closer, her head under my chin as I caressed her back. "What can I do?"

"Just stay there," she hummed, burring her face between my breasts as she doze off to sleep.



I woke up first to get food for her and some things she might need. They said girls on period like to eat a lot and get so many mood swings but I dont think I'll even be affected by her moods since she's always having mood swings even not on period.

I decided to go to the store to the store and just as I was about to go in the dorm building somebody bumped into me and stumbled.

"Fuck, I'm so sorry," a soft voice said and I looked at the blonde who look apologetic and does not seem to be studying in this campus. She wore a short white jumpsuit with floral design and her hair tied up in a ponytail.

"That's alright," I said and just before I entered she stopped me.

"Hey, I'm kinda looking for someone. Can you help me?"


When I woke up, I was cold and alone and no sign of Cam. I laid on my stomach, scenting the faint smell of her on my bed. Our first was so good. I've never came that much in one night before. Ever since she asked me to be her girlfriend I bought condoms in advance, precautions.

Whenever I stayed the night at Cam's room I always get at least a shirt from her wardrobe because why not. I like wearing her clothes.

I sat on the edge of the bed when I heard Cam's voice approaching the door so I smiled and walked to the door.

The door opened and Cam appeared with a soft smile. I swear her smiles makes me shiver, it was an exclusive thing and she only shows it to me.

"Someone's looking for you Morgan," Cam said followed by the one person I never wanted to see again.


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