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"This is so fucking hard Cam," Morgan groaned as she bobbed her head up and down.

"If you actually went in you wouldn't be having trouble right now," I rolled my eyes at my girlfriend.

I placed my cheek on my palm and rested my elbow on the table as I looked at Morgan sitting beside me having trouble learning for the exams.

It is the weekend and we've been a couple for two days. Kayla slapped me hard in the back telling me I did a good job and I think I felt my lungs leave my body.

Ever since I asked her to be my girlfriend she has been nonstop talking very loud, even the nonsense stuff.

One time she barged in my room, pulling the covers off me and made me listen to what she discovered, like cats have the cutest paws and how it reminded her of me, ignorant and eyes that judged. One thing she was wrong, I wasn't judgemental, let's get that right.

"You can't blame me if I don't attend my classes. It's so damn boring," she muttered as she tried rereading the history book and gave up. "Can you just like pass me a note during the exam or something."

"That would be impossible," I commented.

And as if a brilliant plan came to her mind, she put out her phone, a picture of me was saved as her lock and home screen, and dialed a number.

"Can you bring me those things you use in your ears. I need it today. Like I mean right now. What? None of your business just bring them," she said before attending back to me.

"Who was that?"

"Backup," she replied, arranging her notes neatly and set it aside.

"What happened?"

"You happened Cammy," she pulled me and planted kisses on my face and from my observation she wanted something.

"What is it?"

"You like me right?" She asked and I nodded, sighing as I finally get the idea what would happen.

"Do me a favor."

"Help you cheat?"

She faked gasped, "how did you know that?"

I rolled my eyes and she giggled, pecking my lips. I hook her head and pull her closer to me as I take in everything she has to offer in the kiss. I think I won't ever get used to kissing her.

Suddenly she removed her face from me and frowned. "We never got to talk about those bitches touching you back in the arcade."

"Do you really want to ruin the moment by bringing that up?"

She folded her arms and nodded.

What should I say in situations like this?

"Uh, sorry?"

"Wrong answer Cammy," her eyebrow creased and she glared at me as if she was going to maybe kill me. Who knows, Morgan is capable of anything. "If I see someone else touching you, you are dead," she slowly emphasized the last sentence so even I could understand. I gulped and nodded. I

"But aren't you supposed to wreak havoc to the person who touched me though?" I mean, I wasn't doing anything wrong but I just wanted to...ask.

"Nope, you are supposed to not let them touch you because you already belong to me."

"Okay," I said, smiling at the woman who makes my day interesting.

This was what I was talking about, her telling me what was wrong and not ignoring me all of a sudden.

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