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The game started off with a bottle spinning and stopped at Mat beside me.

"Truth or dare Mat," Chase asked.


Chase smirked and pointed at someone. "You see that water jug, pour it on him."

The group started to laugh and I shook my head. I really do not belong with this kind of group. Mat stood up and poured the jug over the head of the dude. He shouted and chased Mat off, causing the group to continue laughing.

The bottle spun again and landed on someone else and being punished. The longer the game went the group looked more wasted and daring and Mat came back in one piece. I must have had the anti-bottle spell since it never stopped on me, which made the group groaned.

"Cam didn't do anything yet, who agrees to punish him?" The group yelled and I wished this could be over because it is past my bedtime.

"I have to go," I said but they didn't let me.

"The fun is just getting started, truth ir dare Cammy," Chase asked. There is no way out of this might as well get it over with. If I choose truth they might ask something personal and if dare they will ask me to do something I do not want to do. Truth must be the safest way out.

"Truth," they groaned at me. I did not mind if they think of me as boring now, less people talking to me the better.

"How many girls have you fucked and where was it?" Random girl asked.

Excuse me?

All eyes were on me, intrigued by my answer. Easy way out? Nonsense.

The answer is obviously none since I have never stepped foot outside the palace gates but it would look bad if I tell them I never did it. Should I have gone for dare?

"The guy obviously fucked a lot of them. What a stupid question Emily but if you do noy want to answer drink up dude." Chase said but they were still waiting for an answer. I couls feel sea green eyes staring deep into me and made me uncomfortable. Lying is the last option.

A princess never lies. My mother used to say.

White lie does not count.

I made my story sounded believable and rubbed the back of my neck. "I don't really remember how many of them."

They bought my lie and I sighed deeply. As soon as my eye met with sea green, she shook her head and smirked. She clearly saw right through it. Women are apparently insightful than men. I wonder how long I can keep hiding my identity here, especially around her.

Chase hyped the party and my ear drums were about to burst. I did not want to stay here any longer so I left, looking for water. I made my way to table that had water bottles and left the building and soon the noise died down. I gulped down the liquid down my throat and it tasted weird. When I realized the burning sensation down my throat I immediate knew what it was.

Minutes later I felt dizzy, still on my way to my dorm room. I could feel the weird feeling on my stomach and I zig zagged on the pavement. As soon as I plopped on my bed, I blacked out.

My eyes squinted and my head became sore. How could I be so stupid in trusting a water bottle. I felt cold as I squirmed in bed, my eyes still adjusting on the bright light. Waking up, I burried my face on my hands, my head still killing me. I soon realized I was on my bandages wrapped around my chest area and my boxer brief.

A shadow appeared on my peripheral vision and I adjusted my eyes to see what that was...or more like who it was.

Sea green eyes smirked at my direction with her arms folded on her chest. I quickly covered my body with the comforter and she stood up, making her way to me.

She saw it. I know she did. Are they going to find me? Oh, no.

"What are you doing here?" I groaned.

"Are you sure you want to act hostile?" it spoke and I realized my dilemma, choosing to stay silent.

"I'm a fucking genius. First I played with your drink, hoping to get you drunk and and about to fuck you but what I find is way more interesting.

Closing my eyes, I breathed in and out to calm my nerves down because this is not going to be good. I contemplated on my mind what was the best course of action. Bribe her with how much she wanted because she looked desperate for money earlier or make a move, call Greg and making sure not to leave a trail.

"How much do you want?" I added, wanting this to be over with or should I have had asked Greg to get rid of her, I'm sure he would do that to ensure that my being stayed unknown.

She laughed very amusely and pulled the covers off me.

"Is this what you were hiding all this time? Fuck, this is the first I've seen someone like you," she stepped closer to me. She was now looking down at me, me a royalty and it a mere commoner.

"How much do you want?" I asked her again.

"No, you don't get to do that," she smiled slyly. I rubbed my temple and stood up on the other side, my back on her so she wouldn't see the bulge. I covered myself with decent clothes and turned around.

"What do you want?" I snarled.

"Hey, you better watch your tone boy or girl, whatever," she hissed. "If you do not want anyone finding out, since I am sure you have your reasons, you will do whatever I say."

Of all the history of the kingdom, there was never a time a mere subject commanded a royalty and here I am, my fate wrapped around her finger.

She made her way to the exit and stopped midway before closing the door. "Order #1: You are mine now. Pick me up at seven, sweetheart."

Oh, great.

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