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My lips moved on its own and my hands found their way behind her head, pulling her closer to me. Our masks were taken off in the process and felt her tongue inside my mouth.

How did she become so good at kissing?

Her hands ran down my side and I shivered to her touch. I undid the buttons to her suit, removing it. Cam was so fucking sexy on her trousers and lacy under garment.

Everything was happening so fast. I was laid down on the table with my dress unzipped and with her on top of me, our lips never tearing apart. I didn't know how much I was desiring for her when I unzipped her pants, feeling the bulge between my legs.

I moaned softly as she started grinding, my dress running up my legs and her hands caressing every inch of my body. The room was fucking hot and only the sound of kissing filled the room. She left my lips, kissing her way down my neck and below my ears where I was most sensitive.

"Fuck," I groaned to the feeling of her kisses. My bra cups were removed as her hands caressed and played with breasts and her tongue found one of my nipple and doing the same to my other one. While pleasuring my breasts, my lingerie were removed.

My head thudded against the table, when I felt her tongue flickering over my sex. Heat built up throughout my body as I squirmed at the feeling, rolling my eyes and holding her head to where I wanted her to be then rocking into her.

"Mhmm," I hear her.

I arched my back, my nails burying on her shoulders as I felt her erect sex between my legs.

Being on top of the table was never really my thing but right now I didn't mind one bit. I wanted her, I needed her.

Cam glided her hand up on my thigh and I grabbed the back of her head, muttering curses. I arched my back when I felt her body battle between being forceful or being gentle with me.

All those years of being apart I never knew how much I missed her. The longing for her was too big that I didn't know that she was the only one to make me feel this way.

Everything, to her touches, kisses, the sound of her voice and smile just made everything go away.

I could just forget the past, why she left without saying anything, bury all the questions I had. Why wasn't she there for me? Where did her promise go? Where did she go in the last five years? Did she even think of me? Why do her eyes sparkle when she looks at me? Why do I see sadness?

My tears suddenly ran down and soft sobs escaped my lips. This wasn't the right time to be fucking emotional but I couldn't help it. Cam stopped and looked at me. I covered my face with my hands as ugly tears and wailing filled the room.

"Ba-Morgan, what's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

I shook my head and she slowly removed herself me, making me sit up at the edge of the table. I feel her warm arms wrapped around my body, her hands slowly rubbing my back.

"Shhh, it's okay. I'm here," she whispered, stroking my back.

"You weren't."

"What?" She said.

"Cam, I can't do this anymore. I can't stop pretending that everything is okay. I was willing to pretend that what we had in the past and how we left things were just a stupid highschool fling. But no matter what I think, what I do I just can't stop the feeling."

I hit her chest softly with my hand, "why? Why the fuck did you leave me that way? Didn't you promise that we'd always communicate?"

Despite only knowing and dating each other for a short time, being with her feels like I have known her for a long time.

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