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My hands are sweaty, heart pounding and I feel lile throwing up. It's finally THE DAY and I feel like I haven't done much improvement, well except a little less cursing publicly. I'd really report Ben if he were to find me cursing in my bedroom, that would be fucking weird.

I know I agreed to do this but this is looking more stupid. Embrass myself in front of important people like her entire family? Why did I agree to this idea in the first place? I should really think thrice before I even say anything.

Tam was a great help yesterday and we finished late last night practicing and he wished me good luck and just to have fun. Although I wanted to practice more, Vi suggested that I have my rest for tomorrow and I was rolling in my bed because I couldn't sleep. My nerves were killing me thinking of the scenarios and meeting important people.

"Fuck," I cursed as I carefully gripped the dress they prepared for me. How I wish I wouldn't embarass myself tonight, just not tonight. Not in front of them.

"Calm down Morgan. Everything will be okay," Vi said as she hands me my mask.

I inhale and exhale as Vi escorted me out of my room and to where most people were. Vivian sadly couldn't attend this event since they were needed in serving food and drinks. I was thankful for the mask that hid my face and no one seemed to take notice of me at the back of the room. The room was a little dim and soft music played in the background as people talk to each other about how their businesses were or how their kids were doing.

I know Vi repeatedly said that I should go find the Queen as soon as I enter the room but I couldn't recognize anyone in the room. My foot tapped on the ground nervously as someone approached and stood beside me.

"You look nice," her voice sent chills down my spine and I ignored the effect she had on me. I didn't turn to where she stood and stopped tapping my foot. Sighing I mumbled a thank you.

"How did you find me?"

She thought for a while and I could feel her eyes on me. "I'd notice you anywhere, Morgan."

With all the chattering in the room I didn't hear her properly.

"What?" I asked, this time looking up at her. She wore a black laced bustier top under a black pantsuit. Her mask was similar to mine, only in black. I felt my breath hitched as we locked eyes for a moment until she leaned closer to my ears.

"I said I had a tracking device planted on you."

"What the fuck? Where did you plant it?" I whispered, aggresively looking for any device looking thing on me.

Cam chuckled and I realized she was making fun of me and I slapped her in the arm then muttered, "asshole."

"We should go to my mother, she's waiting for us."


"Duh, you're my date for tonight. Shall we?" She offered her arm and I was reluctant before locking arms with her.

We went on our way as people gave room for us to walk. I tried to walk confidently like Cam but when you have eyes on you, those legs feel like jelly. I felt her hand touched the back of mine as if telling me it would be okay.

"Her Majesties," Cam made known her presence. The King and Queen both looked at us then smiled. We curtsied then I felt her hand on my back as if telling me I was doing good.

"You look perfect together," the Queen said and the people she was talking to a while ago agreed.

"Thank you Your Majesty."

"M'lady, I want you to meet Greg. I'm sure you have met him before."

The man wearing a dark blue suit in a black mask came forward and kissed the back of my hand. Apparently he was the King's bestfriend since they were kids and grew up having each others' back.

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