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Here I was riding our vehiclebeing driven by Mat and with Erica beside me looking aimlessly outside the window. It seemed that the trees and falling leaves interest her more rather than my company, which I didn't mind at all. If it was possible I wouldn't talk to any of these "potentinal bride" like my mother said.

Erica had long wavy blonde hair and very deep blue eyes which reminded me of the ocean and the waves rolling by the shore. If I could compare, she was the prettiest among those who I have met.

She was from another country and I introduced her the places in the land, telling her a little bit of history behind every structure and purpose.

While I was lost in thought Erica was interested or maybe pretending to look excited but there was definitely an awkward vibe around, I just couldn't pinpoint it yet.

One thing I always liked to visit was the abandoned building built a long time ago. It was supposed to be a big museum but the man's wife died and discontinued the project.

Whenever I had free time or could escape the palace I would always run away there and hide and watch the sun set. The building was constructed and overgrown with trees which makes it beautiful when you go up there.

The view was always the best around six in the afternoon because the sky was a beautiful color mix in red and orange. Now that I was back in the palace with responsibilities it was harder to visit but maybe one day again.

I haven't brought anyone there and I don't plan on to anytime soon.

Erica sighed dramatically and opened her mouth. "Look, we were both forced into this so let's stop pretending like we actually like doing this," she said on the point. I was actually relieved that I didn't have to do stuff like this.

I smirked, agreeing with her and we proceeded with the day talking about how her father talked to her into this. We actually clicked but in a different way.

Erica had humor and it sometimes get dark and weird but I think she's amazing either way. We actually had some similar hobbies, likes and dislikes. Tennis was one and we had to compare each others' favorite players. Another thing we both disliked was pineapple on pizza. I could eat the pineapple by itself but Erica was strongly against eating the fruit.

We both had to go our own way after our little get to know each other. I actually enjoyed her company and we gave each other our number to debate again why the need for pineapple on pizza if the time comes or if we were both bored and want to talk about anything.

"You sound happy," Mat informed and I scoffed, totally forgetting that he was our driver. It was really weird because he was silent throughout the ride, it wasn't like him to not utter a single word. He was usually the one helping me make conversation when I had to do it with the previous girl or the girl before that.

"Here, the hotel said you left this." He handed me a phone that wasn't like mine. I turned it on and saw a background of trees. One thing I found out that I enjoy was hiking in the woods. Mat and I hiked and camped for three days last year and we didn't let anyone know. When we came back the police were at home and my mom with red eyes. Atleast I got to enjoy before the storm.

"It's not mine," I mumbled and he shrugged. Unlocking was impossible because I didn't know the code so I turned it off and slid it in my pocket.

We arrived back at the palace, Simon tailing behind telling me what my next to do list were for tomorrow and the next. "You have an appointment tomorrow at the library, reading a story to children who are orphaned. After that you will be the guest speaker at..." he was talking and I tunes out his voice.

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