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People's eyes were on me, well on us. She held my arm and I had to fight the urge not to roll my eyes out of annoyance. Mat kept bothering me and asked if I was blackmailed or something but I had to lie to keep my secret safe.

"Seriously, blink two times if you are forced to do this," Mat held my shoulders and looked at me straight in the eyes.

I pattes away his arm. "I was not forced." Technically I did not have a choice and I chose to do this so I was still telling the truth.

Everywhere she goes, I went. Whereber I went, Mat followed. I feel like a dog on a leash to her, following around and I am not enjoying this one bit. She'd be ordering me to do this and that and honestly I am one call away to calling Greg.

The boss lady sat with her group of friends and the girl who she came with at the party, her name was Kayla she said and they chatted idlt. "Sweetheart, my shoelaces are untied," she pouted. This is the most humiliating thing I have ever done. We locked eyes and ahe gave me a mischievous smile telling me to do it or everything goes down. I gave her a sarcastic smile and kneeled down, tying her shoes.

"Thank you baby," she held my chin and kissed my cheek. Again with the touching.

"Do you want a kiss too?" Mat asked beside me as I sat down and listen to this group of dogs bickering and wasting time.

"No," I quickly replied and checked the time. The bell rang indicating for class and she held me again as I dropped her off to her room.

We waved goodbye and I could feel every ounce of sanity in me slowly disappear.

"Morgan's so lucky she got a guy like Cam," I heard the girls whispering and giggling when I walked to class.

"I still think you're possessed though," Mat commented. "Only someone stupid or crazy to go out with that girl."

"You can have her if you like."

"No thanks. You keep her."

We sat down on our usual seat and the instructor started the lesson. First period is the only hour that I can get peace and quiet from the sea green eyes. No ordering around and annoying me all day.

"Surprise quiz," the instructor said. I can't remember their names now. A surprise is a surprise and that was what the class did, gasped and groaned. If they actually pay attention and study they wouldn't be complaining.

I finished mine in no time and the bell rang. Reminded by what I needed to do, I picked up the boss lady, her hand quickly holding my arm.

"Let's skip the rest of the day," she suggested.

"What?" Am I getting in trouble for this? Never been to a school before but back in the palace I would skip etiquette lessons because they were so boring and eventually get punished.

"Come on," she dragged me out the building and to the parking lot where her vehicle was parked.

She tossed me her keys, "drive."


"I don't know how," I admitted shamelessly but I wished I knew how, maybe I'll ask Greg.

"How old are you, five?" She took the keys from me and followed her in the car, sitting at the back seat. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Sit?" I said in a duh tone.

"I'm not your driver, sit in the front," she groaned and I changed seats, buckling my seatbelt.

"Where are we going?" I asked nonchantly. Since I am doing this I should just give in and be cooperative. If news spread out I had two of the organs with me, it might ruin the reputation of the kingdom and I didn't want that to happen.

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