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"Happy birthday Morg," Rachel greeted after she walked in my room with another bouquet of flowers in her hand.

"You can put it by the windows," I said and she listened. For the past years she would gift me flowers for my birthdays.

"How's work?" She asked as she scooted a nearby chair to me, attentively lending an ear.

"It's alright. Not stressed yet," I laughed. We talked for a while before she had to go and I had to finish my work.

The bell rang before horny teenagers filtered in and sat on their desks. It actually took me a while to decide if I wanted to go to college but Rachel and Kayla persuaded me to try and now I was a teacher.

I didn't like to teach though and I sucked at it but who likes History classes anyways and the kids probably hates me.

I took their attendance calling them one by one and sometimes mispronouncing their names to annoy them.

Mrs. Humphrey actually took me in as a teacher in Hathaway High. She said I would be good for the kids and make their time interesting, I think it's just an excuse since the history teacher retired

I started my lesson, sighing here and there to let them know I hated what I was doing. The kids were smart and rolling their eyes sometimes at me and I would catch them and I would roll my eyes as well.

Groaning I said. "Surpise quiz."

They were shocked and complaining under their breaths. Same guys, same. They took out their pencils and erasers to prepare for the quiz.

I handed them the test papers and sat on my desk with arms folding eyeing the kids as they read the questions and cussed under their breaths.

"I'm going to go turn around. You can ask for the answers from your seatmates but I better not catch you. Got that?"

They smiled and said "yes ma'am."

Whether I turn or not these guys would do anything to cheat. Been there done that.

When I was in college I wanted to be the cool teacher but hormones changed and I'm always pissed at everybody.

While I was turned, I remembered the time I cheated on my exams. Cam telling me the answers and we almost got caught. I chuckled silently as I reminisced.

Cam, what are you doing right now? The last time we communicated was after graduation. I forgot what I said but we just stopped talking.

Through the years I have been with plenty of people that helped me forget about her. I have no hidden grudge against her why she left like that. It bore in my mind that she probably got tired of me and left.

"Okay times up," I muttered then turned around, the students frantically looking at their papers.

"You guys are in trouble if you don't reach half the score," I said.

In the exams when Cam helped me, the teachers believed I cheated on my score and I had to prove to them I worked hard for it. Good thing I made it out alive.

School was finally over and I only had free time on a Wednesday night. It also means getting far away from Rachel and going to my favorite bar. It's located in the next town but not really that far but it's really nice since Rachel can't find me there.

She's so hung up on me ever since Cam disappeared, thinking she could replace her. I turned on the radio while driving to Krasota and bobbing my head to whatever song it was.

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