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Greg called last night saying that a meeting was set for next week concerning my wanting to take back the kingdom from that snake of a Soulier.

Mat actually asked me the other day what my personal taste of videos do I watch to and I answered him "the usual kind" which I thought of the repetitive movies Morgan made me watch.

He was actually grinning and happy that I actually watch those videos and had me thinking if those cliche movies were a thing to guys in highschool.

Kayla then came over and shared the time Morgan and her watched a video and told me that Morgan really liked the phrase they used in the video and told me to try it to which I agreed. If Morgan is happy about it then I didn't mind doing it.

As usual Morgan asked me to skip classes again, I didn't mind at all since my grades were not dropping or anything. Exams was approaching and I haven't seen Morgan opened a book atleast once. Anyways, she asked me to meet her outside the campus because she wanted to buy something. I mean everything we needed was already in the campus and I don't know what she was looking for.

Mat and Kayla again gave me advice that I should give her a white rose and as always I listen because I didn't know what to do. I wore high waist jeans, tucking in my white tee and putting on my black sleeveless vest and followed where Morgan wanted me to go.


So I was waiting for the she man to come who was taking damm long. I waited outside the coffee shop, drinking black coffee because I liked to be seen as an adult but it tasted so fucking bitter. I made a face before a taxi stops and Cam comes out smiling as she was hiding something behind her back.

"Hey baby girl," she smirks, approaching and stops in front of me. What the fuck did she say? Baby girl?

I folded my arms and frowned at the horrible endearment.

"Oh." She said as soon as she saw my face. "You hate it," she added it and she sighed.

"Where did you learn that?" I asked suspiciously. I had already someone in mind but I wanted to make sure.

"Kayla," she replied and I loosened up.

"You should stop listening to what they say." She nodded, combing her hair, not looking at me. I finally see the thing she was hiding behind her back.

When I look at her now I just want to bite that fucking face because she looked so fucking hot and cute

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When I look at her now I just want to bite that fucking face because she looked so fucking hot and cute.

"Thank you," I took the rose from her and she smiled.

"You like that one?" I nodded.

"Kayla said to give you one," she grinned but I didn't comment anymore because of her face.

I hold her arm and we walked the street together.

"What did you want to buy?" She asked me. Well, I just wanted to be out the campus because it sucked seeing familiar faces everywhere you go.

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