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I was now back in my role as a Princess. My male outfit disposed of and my breasts can finally breathe. I can now flaunt my breasts and not hide them anymore.

Now I had to wear a wig because my hair was too short and I have grown to quite like my short hair.

It has been a week since I left school and Morgan and I hasn't stopped communicating. She would tell me about her day, including Rachel's shenanigans.

Sometimes I would be too busy and forget to call but she would always understand. She kept asking me what was I up to and I told her that I would tell her everything the next time we meet and that next time, I would ask her to come to the palace.

Greg prepared my outfit for the day. He has become my wardrobe stylist, I mean the job description he has in his resume is extraordinary.

It was a black sleeveless crop top and red trousers along a black leather jacket and a black sling bag.

It was a black sleeveless crop top and red trousers along a black leather jacket and a black sling bag

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How I managed to cover my bulge? The sling bag had that one job. It was a hard transition back to being female, especially the clothes.

Back in school it was easy covering the breast area and now I had to cover the bulge especially wearing a dress in public.

We walked in a large building away from the palace. It has become a meeting place and it was owned by one of the nobles of the kingdom.

Men and women in suit who I assumed to be bodyguards stood in the hallways as they await for our arrival.

What caught my eye was a familiar curly brown haired man in the lobby. I removed my shades at the man in front of me to be sure my eyes were not deceiving me.


He looked up from the paper he was reading and he was confused as well.

"What are you doing here?" I questioned.

"I should be asking you that. My father is attending a meeting," he informed standing up, fixing his suit.

"Do you know him Princess?" Greg asked before slightly greeting Mat and I nodded, Mat was surprised as well.

"You're the Princess? Wha-how?"

"I'll tell you all about it later," I said before entering the big room filled with the leaders. All eyes turned to me as they stood up and bowing their heads.

One a time they greeted me, some saying "nice to meet you Princess" and "glad to see you're fine Princess Cameron," and some just bowed because they didn't know who I was yet.

I was distracted by Mat, I didn't know he was related to my family. There was no Holton mentioned among the family. I made a mental note to ask him all about it later on and catch up.

Standing behind the podium, I calmed myself down and remembering the things I had to say. The rest of the family who stayed loyal to us were scared of the Soulier's because they outnumbered us by but they were not as intellectual.

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