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chapter one; Oh Brother
" Don't go near my sister. "

  JAMES AND MADELINE Potter were staring at each other

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  JAMES AND MADELINE Potter were staring at each other. The circular dining table was cloaked in silence, only the occasional tap of silverware against porcelain plates.

  And the twins had been holding eye contact for six minutes.

  "Good morning—"

  "Shh!" The twins hushed their father quickly, not daring to break eye contact.

  Fleamont nodded once, walking past his children into the kitchen. Euphemia raised her eyebrows at the interaction, wandering towards her husband.

  "They're strange this morning."

  "They've been strange every morning for 15 years," Fleamont noted, pouring steaming water into a mug.

  "James, Maddie," Euphemia called, making James turn around instinctively.

  The second he did, his sister pumped her fists in the air and he crumpled in defeat. Madeline hopped out of her chair, letting out cheers that only slightly scared her father.

  "Take that, Jameson!"

  "I would've won if Mum hadn't—"

  "You hear that?" Madeline questioned, cupping a hand around her ear, "The excuses rolling in?"

  James whacked Madeline's leg with a rolled up newspaper, making the girl glare angrily. She then proceeded to hit James' head, which launched them into yet another fight.

  "Usually happens after breakfast," Fleamont mumbled, lifting his mug to his lips only to realize Euphemia was staring at him expectantly. "Maddie, stop pulling your brother's hair— James put that butter back on the table!"

  "This year will be interesting," Euphemia mumbled to herself, swiping her husband's untouched tea and leaving him to pull the teenagers apart. 


  Madeline searched Platform 9 3/4 frantically, not paying any mind to whatever nonsense her brother was going on about. James noticed about half-way through his rant that Madeline wasn't actually listening, which seemed to re-spark his annoyance.

  "Maddie, I'm trying to talk to you," James whined, nudging the girl and nearly knocking her off of her luggage cart she was standing upon, "It's important."

  "It's about Lily, not important," Madeline brushed off.

  "Says the pathetic one looking for her boyfriend."

  "Keeler's not my boyfriend," She snapped, face turning red slightly, "You're just chasing after a girl who hates you!"

  "Evans does not—!"

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