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chapter three; Blooming Friendships
I'll be right next to you. "

  MADELINE DIDN'T DOUBT for a second Bluebelle would really drag her kicking and screaming to lunch

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  MADELINE DIDN'T DOUBT for a second Bluebelle would really drag her kicking and screaming to lunch. But, due to her apparent luck with meals, she was not going to allow this to happen.

  She'd be somewhere Bluebelle would never look for her. She didn't calculate the other occupants.

  "Madeline?" The girl groaned, her forehead meeting the cool wood of the table with a loud thump. "It wasn't as bad as you think."

  "It was terrible, horrible. Completely, hauntingly, humiliating."

  "No one's talking about it anymore." Madeline turned her head to see Lily Evans standing over her table, the girl's red hair falling forward as she looked down. "Okay, a few people are, but me, Dorcas, Hestia, Mary, and Marlene have been telling anyone off who says anything about it."

  "Thanks, Lily," Madeline sighed, sitting up fully, "I'm sorry James bothers you so much, you're a really nice girl."

  "You're sorry? I'm sorry, you have to live with that."

  "Don't get me started."


  James Potter knew he screwed up. Rarely, if ever, had he admitted to doing something wrong, especially when it came to his sister. But this time it was clear, to him and all the Marauders, after Madeline had disappeared.

  The angry shouts and sounds of books hitting James Potter's hard skull had become rather familiar to the boys, but in the absence of this, they were left only to think of what they'd done.

  "It's not your fault," Peter was the first to speak up, "We didn't know she'd be sitting there."

  "It's sort of his fault." James glared at Sirius, "It's all of our faults! I'm just being honest!"

  "We should say sorry, right?"

  "Apologies don't fix much with Maddie," James sadly informed Remus.

  "It's a good place to start, right?"

  The boy searched everywhere for the Potter girl. Using their secret passageways just in case Madeline had in fact figured out their Map two years ago, only to come up short in every classroom, courtyard, and corridor. Though, they did manage to find the closest thing possible.

  "She what?"

  "You lot embarrassed her," Bluebelle rolled her eyes, "Don't be so shocked."

  "Well, can you make her come down?" Sirius questioned.

  "No one can make Maddie do anything," Bluebelle laughed shortly, crossing her arms over her chest. "Look she's really upset—"

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