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chapter forty-seven; The League's Best Team
Your judgments skewed because you're a horrible quidditch player. "

  MADELINE THOUGHT IT safe to assume when Lily Evans proposed the idea of butterbeer, that it would be them and them alone

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  MADELINE THOUGHT IT safe to assume when Lily Evans proposed the idea of butterbeer, that it would be them and them alone. But, when Madeline happily trotted out of the castle to find the redhead, she instead found Lily Evans chatting with James and Sirius.

  "Didn't realize this was a group activity," Madeline announced, her pace slowing the closer she got.

  Sure, James and Sirius had made up. But there were still a million questions in her mind; would James being around change how Sirius acted? Did James really forgive and forget? Were they back to being best mates or was it still walking on eggshells?

  "Hope that's okay," Lily said as she pulled Madeline into a hug of greeting, "James wouldn't quit asking where I was going and once he heard the plan. . ."

  "It's okay, yeah," Madeline assured, hugging Lily back, "Bit nervous."

  "Oh, it'll be fine," The redhead said, lowering her voice, "If either of 'em get out of line, they'll have me to deal with."

  Madeline smiled as she pulled away, snickering quietly with Lily as Sirius approached them. He looked between the duo with confusion written across his face, but laced his fingers with Madeline's nonetheless.

  The walk to the Three Broomsticks was fine, James at some point had wrapped an arm around Lily and the two were strolling along happily as Madeline and Sirius boisterously made their way through Hogsmeade, their clasped hands swinging between them happily. James swore he'd never seen Madeline as happy as she was then, nearly hopping in each step, she and Sirius had begun humming a tune unfamiliar to his ears and nearly outright danced to their own pitchy melody.

  "Kai got recruited for Puddlemere United," Madeline said after the four had settled into a booth.

  "He deserves that," Lily smiled genuinely.

  "Yeah, yeah, that's great and all, but the Chudley Cannons are still better."

  "The Chudley Cannons are a horrible team," Madeline told James with a scoff, "They bloody changed their motto from 'We shall conquer' to 'Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best', if that doesn't say enough, you're clearly not listening."

  "I'm a loyal fan, Maddie."

  "To a shit team, James."

  "You know," Lily said, propping her chin on her fist as the twins continued to bicker, "I assumed if anything, you and James would get caught up and Maddie and I would have to pass time."

  "You clearly haven't been around them enough," Sirius said with a lopsided smile, "They'll argue about anything for hours— forget we're even here."

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