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epilogue; alternative ending
". . . Promise me that you will not let fear stop you from living. "

  SEPTEMBER 1, 1991 was a chaotic day, to be frank

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  SEPTEMBER 1, 1991 was a chaotic day, to be frank. The Potter-Black household had never been in such disarray as today, because in their sort of luck Sirius and Madeline had managed to sleep in.

  Therefore, Iolanthe and Atlas had slept in.

  "Where's Ziggy?!"

  "I saw him under the table," Sirius told a frantic Iolanthe calmly, "He's fine, Little Star, do you need help packing?"

  "I'm okay—"

  "She thinks she needs to bring every piece of clothing she's ever owned!" Atlas yelled from his own room, making Sirius smile lightly.

  "That's a lie!"

  "I used to do the same thing," Sirius whispered to his daughter, pulling his legs under him as he sat on the ground of her bedroom, "Your mum would make fun of me for it."

  "I just want to be ready," Iolanthe said pitifully, clutching onto two cashmere sweaters, "For everything."

  "And you will be," He assured, "Come here, Little Star."

  Iolanthe scooted across her carpet, until she collapsed into her father. He held her gently, petting down her silky smooth black tresses.

  "Breakfast is ready!" Madeline's voice bounced around the walls of her childhood home, frantically sliding eggs onto four plates already half-filled with toast and fruit.

  Atlas cheered and bound down the steps.

  "I'm not hungry."

  "You're nervous, and that's normal," Sirius assured, resting his chin atop Iolanthe's head, "But you've got to eat. I promise you'll feel better with a little food in you— and. . . there might be a little surprise downstairs for you."

  Iolanthe perked up at this, meeting her father's sly smile with a giddy grin of her own. She was too smart for surprises, because as she flew down the stairs, Iolanthe already knew who was waiting for her.

  "Uncle Reggie!"


  Madeline hid her laughter as the girl collided with her uncle, her silk pajamas contrasting to his semi-formal attire. But this was about where their differences ended— at first glance, Iolanthe looked far more like Regulus Black's daughter than Sirius'.

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