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chapter seven; Sirius Black's Winning Streak
" . . . I'm too curious for my own good. "

  DECEMBER CREPT UP on the students of Hogwarts, but once it had arrived it flew by

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  DECEMBER CREPT UP on the students of Hogwarts, but once it had arrived it flew by. The castle had long since been covered in a thick layer of snow, meriting many snowball fights and spontaneous requests of hot chocolate.

  It seemed students had been cozying up in the colder month, couples were sprouting up left and right, and Madeline Potter was no exception. After three more formal dates, Nico Keeler had formally asked her to go steady, and she very happily accepted.

  "Oh," Bluebelle sighed dreamily, leaning her head on Madeline's shoulder, "You two are the sweetest couple. What did you get him for Christmas?"

  "We agreed on no presents." Bluebelle gasped, "It's so much pressure! I wouldn't know what to get him."

  "I suppose each couple is different," Bluebelle shrugged slightly, turning her attention back to the scene before them.

  The courtyard they were sitting in was rather empty, a stray student wandered by every now and then. Snow covered every surface before them, and the footprints of many students were engraved into the icy ground. The girls were each in thick black coats, their blue scarves hanging proudly as they rested between classes.

  "What about you, then?" Madeline prompted, crossing one leg over the other, "Anyone special?"

  "Euch, no," Bluebelle scrunched her noes up, "I think dating this young is stupid."

  "Enlighten me."

  "Well, we're only kids," The girl shrugged simply, "I don't even know who I am yet, and adding another person to that equation is just. . . an accident waiting to happen."


  "You and Nico are different," Bluebelle backtracked, sighing lightly, "He's a good guy and you're. . . I dunno, perfect."

  Madeline snorted.


  "Nothing, don't we have Divination, like, now?"

  Bluebelle hummed, sitting still for a moment, "Skip it for the library?"

  "The fact you have to ask is insulting."

  The girls had claimed a table further to the back of the library, their coats and scarves abandoned in the warmth the stacks of books captured, each having found something to occupy their time.


  "It's just Maddie," The girl smiled up at Lily Evans, only to frown when she saw the redhead's furrowed brows, "Why are you confused?"

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