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chapter four; Keeper And Chaser
It's impossible for someone this attractive to be anything less than amazing. "

  THE NEXT TIME James Potter saw his sister was in the tail end of September

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  THE NEXT TIME James Potter saw his sister was in the tail end of September. She was on Kai Declan's back, a wild grin on both Ravenclaws' faces. Bluebelle was walking beside them, a book tucked under her arm, and a smile matching her friends'.

  Remus, James, Peter, and Sirius had halted the second they saw the normally quiet trio not caring they were attracting the most attention in the halls.

  (A feat, considering they were sharing said halls with the Marauders).

  Things only got more bizarre when kids with blue crests on their robes would congratulate Madeline.

  "What have you done?"

  Madeline's grin did not falter, the girl rested her head on Kai's shoulder and wiggled her eyebrows at Remus. Who was both amused, and increasingly worried.

  "Mads," James spoke seriously, "What'd you do?"

  "Oh, nothing," Madeline sang, swinging her legs slightly, "You're just looking at Ravenclaw's brand new keeper!"

  It seemed everyone but James saw this as a good thing.

  "Congrats, Maddie," Peter smiled as the girl slipped from Kai's back.


  "Hopefully you're better than the last," Remus teased lightly, laughing when she lightly hit his arm.

  "I thought you weren't doing quidditch?" Madeline turned to James, his unamused expression matching the tone of his voice, "Remember? Quidditch is my thing, and you aren't gonna do it?"

  "I wasn't," The brunette nodded, "Then I realized my brother is a rude, selfish git, and doesn't own the sport."

  "Maddie," James sighed, "I'm sorry about the prank."

  "Don't worry about it," Madeline smiled, patting the boy's arm, "See you on the pitch, brother."


  It was just James' luck that the first quidditch match of 1975 was Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. Briefly, when McGonagall told him, he swore it was a sick joke.

  It was not.

  The Potter boy had never been anxious for a match, but the idea of going up against his sister twisted his stomach. Not to mention they'd be directly against each other, chaser and keeper respectively.

  "We'll kick ass," Sirius clapped a hand on James' shoulder before the boys exited the locker room. "Don't worry."

  "I'm not worried about winning," James admitted, tugging his gloves on, "Maddie's never played quidditch with anyone except us before. We always go easy on her, she doesn't know how nasty it can get."

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