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chapter forty-one; Honeydukes Wake Up Call
" . . . don't taint those memories with bitter feelings. "

  JAMES POTTER LOVED Lily Evans, and this he knew for sure

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  JAMES POTTER LOVED Lily Evans, and this he knew for sure. Things had been painful and silent, the correlation obvious, but the one thing that hadn't wavered was Lily. Sure, sometimes she didn't agree with him and would remain silent in the face of his ranting, but she was there.

  And he loved her.



  "I love you."

  "I love you, too," Lily laughed a gentle, melodic laugh at James' spontaneous exclamation. She'd grown used to hit, though, ever since she's said it on accident in August he'd reminded her he was now allowed to say it whenever he wanted. "What's wrong?"

  James let Lily pull him under her arm as they milled through Honeydukes, the boy crouched over in content as her fingers carded through his hair while her eyes scanned the sweets.

  "I don't like not speaking with them," James admitted, reaching for an acid pop that Lily couldn't quite grab, "I miss them, you know?"

  "So go find them," Lily encouraged, "I'm sure they're out, too, Sirius, Mads, and Rem tend to hang out as much as you and I."

  "Yeah," He frowned, scratching the back of his head as Lily watching him carefully, "Suppose I'm just stubborn."

  "I'm glad you can admit that, now."

  "Well, you say it enough."

  Lily laughed, which made James smile at her. She was the sunshine poking through every gray cloud that floated into view— nothing else mattered when she smiled.

  "Don't be stubborn," She advised, collecting a licorice wand, "It's our last year, James, Merlin knows what will happen when we leave. . ."

  "Nothing will happen," James said fiercely, making Lily meet his eyes.

  She'd been nervous when the mention of post-Hogwarts plans came up. At first, James was worried it had more to do with the future of their relationship, but quickly came to realize Lily was scared to be without protection as a muggle-born. She was strong, stronger than most Aurors, James was sure, but this didn't mean fear didn't fester in her.

  "The point is," Lily exhaled her nerves, regaining composure, "There's no re-doing some of this stuff. Our very last Christmas holiday, last quidditch season, last boat ride back. . . don't taint those memories with bitter feelings."

  "It only ever sounds good when you say it."

  Lily rolled her eyes, but kissed James' cheek quickly and made her way to the front of the store to pay. She ignored James' claims that 'this wasn't enough' and offered a smile to the man ringing her up. 

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