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chapter seventeen; Never One Without The Other
Something wrong, Prongs? "

𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄chapter seventeen; Never One Without The Other" Something wrong, Prongs? "

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  JAMES POTTER WAS beginning to grow annoyed that Madeline made a friend out of Remus Lupin. Sirius and Peter had been on the receiving end of his rants, endless complaints about the new friendships complete with wild hand gestures

  "She can't just take my friends," James shook his head, "Bloody needs to find her own."

  "She has her own mate, it's not like she's stolen Moony from us."

  "But she has!" James threw his hands up, "Where's he now?"

  "He's not missing out on much," Peter defended weakly, "I mean, we're just sitting around."

  "Sure, but we always sit around together!"

  "Honestly, Prongs, you're making a big deal out of nothing."

  Remus then came hurrying into the door before James could question Sirius defending his little sister. The Lupin boy had a small, ever-present smile on, rifling through his jumpers hurriedly.

  "Alright, mate?"

  "Fine, yeah," Remus smiled at Sirius, "You?"

  "Alright," Sirius nodded suspiciously, watching Remus grab a striped jumper before hurrying back to the door, "Busy today?"

  "Just hanging out with Maddie," He nodded.

  James scoffed loudly, earning Remus' full attention.

  "Something wrong, Prongs?"

  "Not at all, just have fun with Madeline."

  Remus nodded, taking a deep breath and switching his jumper between his hands. "We're playing quidditch with Blue and Declan, you're welcome to join."

  "Why would I join?" James grumbled, crossing his arms.

  "Because Maddie's really upset about quitting the team and she wanted to play a game before the pitch was always booked," Remus shrugged, "She didn't think you lot would want to play.

  A frown was carved deeply onto Sirius' face in a split-second.

  "You're welcome to join us," Remus repeated, "We're starting soon though, so hurry it up."


  "Did the Firewhiskey hit me already, or has Remus brought company?"

  Madeline furrowed her brows at Kai, before turning to where he was looking. Sure enough, three figures were following Remus Lupin.

  "Oh, no," Madeline mumbled, hand tightening around her broom, "No, no."

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