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chapter twenty-one; Consistent Mess
I'm a sucker for romance. "

  THE AUTUMN ALWAYS seemed to go quicker than the rest of the year's seasons

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  THE AUTUMN ALWAYS seemed to go quicker than the rest of the year's seasons. The only thing that seemed to stop time, was the first quidditch game.

  "Okay," Madeline said, eyes glancing over the Ravenclaw team. "I know we've had a bad couple of years, but we have this. Slytherin play to win, but we refuse to lose."

  "We're never going to win the quidditch cup," Jules said quietly, though her emotion was more sad than angry.

  "Yes, we will," Madeline stated stronger, "We—"

  "Hey, Maddie."

  The brunette swallowed thickly, her grip tightening on her broom slightly. For reasons unknown, Colin Hughes decided to pay a visit to the team before their first game. 


  "Good luck," Colin stated, a charming grin on his face as he patted Madeline's shoulder. "Nico was a great captain, you have a lot to live up to."

  "A great captain doesn't lose over half of their games," Madeline said, using every ounce of confidence she had. 

  Colin seemed both impressed and amused by this, patting the girl once more before leaving.

  "He's right, Keeler was a good captain—"

  "But he's not the captain anymore," Madeline snapped at Miles Halter, the boy recoiled in shock. "This is my team, and we're going to win because we're tired of being underestimated."

  "Yeah!" Kai shouted, pulling Madeline into a sort of headlock, "Let's do this!"

  Lily Myers was the first to join in cheers before the rest of the team fell along with it. Madeline just allowed Kai to force her into the excitement because her nerves and anger overshadowed all else.

  The team entered the pitch once hearing the announcer introduce them, and somehow the stands looked bigger than ever before. That there were far more people, she couldn't tell if the cheering was cheering or shouting, it was terrifying.

  Until she saw a cluster of people with signs, painted bronze and blue. Bluebelle was front and center, her blonde hair a deep blue. Around her were Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon, and all four Marauders.

  All wearing Ravenclaw colors, all screaming loudly, waving signs that varied from Madeline's name to the team's.

  "You're a good keeper, Maddie," Kai's voice brought Madeline back to the pitch, the girl looking up at him, "That's what you are before the captain, don't overthink it."

  The girl nodded strongly, walking towards the middle of the field. She felt like an imposter, shaking the hand of the Slytherin team captain before taking to the air, claiming her place in front of the rings.

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