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chapter forty; Eagles On Three
You two are nothing but trouble. "

  AUTUMN WAS IN full swing and there was a clear divide in the previously jumbled group of friends

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  AUTUMN WAS IN full swing and there was a clear divide in the previously jumbled group of friends. Sirius, Madeline, and Remus could be found under a great tree on the Black Lake's shore or laughing wildly at the Ravenclaw table during meals. Peter tended to tag along wherever James went, and when not with his remaining friend, James was with Lily Evans. 

  Madeline hadn't been seen with Bluebelle or Kai since September and hadn't even glanced towards her former female friends from Gryffindor in her seventh year.

  "How's quidditch practice been?" Madeline asked, flipping a page in her marked-up Astronomy book. She was laying on her stomach overtop of Sirius' legs, the boy not minding her ribs poking his kneecaps as he drew shapeless blobs on her back with his finger.

  Students milled around the open courtyard, a few other couples had followed Madeline and Sirius' lead and taken seats on the evergreen grass.

  "Fine," Sirius mumbled, "James hasn't been talking to me much, lots of drills. He's taking captain seriously, though I assumed nothing would change."

  Madeline hummed in acknowledgment-- she'd found herself over the entire situation. At that point in the fall of 1977, Madeline didn't care how James felt about her anymore, she just wished he'd get over himself and put an end to Sirius' self-loathing.

  He was susceptible to guilt, easily drowning in the waters of self-induced inner hate. Madeline kept him afloat, with Remus' help, but Sirius continued to feel as though it was entirely his fault that James had a broom up his ass.

  "What about you?"

  "Alright," Madeline said, holding down the pages of her book as the wind whipped by, "Sarian, the second year, she's a new chaser. Really good, not just for a 12-year-old either, she'd give the Chudley Cannons a run for their money."

  "You're very proud of your team, Mads."

  "Rightfully so," She grinned, craning her neck to see Sirius, "I put effort into them."

  "I know, you get very obsessive about the things you love."

  "I'm not obsessive."

  "Attention to detail?"

  "You're digging yourself into a hole, Sirius Black."

  Sirius leaned down and pressed an eager kiss to Madeline's lip, pulling away to reveal a sheepish smile. Madeline laughed, sitting up and kissing Sirius back with the same amount of urgency.

  "Mr. Black, Ms. Potter!"

  Madeline sprung away from Sirius, her face engulfed in heat as she looked up at McGonagall. The woman raised a brow, watching Sirius fork his fingers through his hair and brush it away.

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