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chapter eleven; Real Life Or Fairytale?
It's like playing connect the dots without a quill. "

  MADELINE NEVER BROUGHT up the Gryffindor party again

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  MADELINE NEVER BROUGHT up the Gryffindor party again. The warm weather had left winter nothing but a foggy memory, March brought warm breezes and new flowers, and Madeline didn't want to ruin that.

  The only problem was every time she tried to join Nico and his friends' conversations only to fail, every time she was silenced with a kiss, when lies would slip out before she even thought, Remus' annoying words would float in the back of her head.

  Which is why it very quickly became a regular occurrence for Madeline to leave everything. Nico always wanted her by his side at all times, which left her friendships with Bluebelle and Kai to decay. But, if she wasn't with anyone, it wasn't a problem.

  "Do you come up here a lot?"

  Madeline jumped at the sudden voice, turning in the direction only to find Sirius lazily stepping up the last stair into the Astronomy Tower.

  "No," Madeline mumbled, turning back to the sky, "Astronomy stresses me out."

  "Why's that?" Sirius laughed, easing himself down beside her.

  "I mean, I like the stories behind the constellations," Madeline backtracked slightly, "But I can never find them. It's like playing connect the dots without a quill."

  "Once you get it, it's all you can see," Sirius sighed before letting them fall into silence for a moment. He rested his arms on the railing, and his chin on his arms, taking in the stars he was all too familiar with.

  The night air was cool, sneaking through Madeline's thin pajama's. She wasn't sure what to say, or do, being alone with Sirius was a skill Madeline had not yet acquired.

  "Why are you still dating Keeler?"

  Madeline didn't even have to think before a lie was on the tip of her tongue. Remus' warning, the effects of midnight, and Sirius Black were the perfect mixture to make Madeline Potter realize she was in a very bad place.

  "I fancied him for so long, I think I made this. . . idea up in my head. Out of what Blue told me, what I saw around," Madeline admitted quietly, "And I've been giving up so much just so I get to keep him. . . but I don't think I've ever really liked him."

  "What does that mean?"

  "I fell for the idea of him," Madeline shrugged, "So much so that I'm ignoring the real person right in front of me and. . . ideas are dangerous things to fall in love with."

  "Yeah," Sirius mumbled, turning his head to face Madeline, his cheek resting against the cool leather of his jacket. "What if the idea is like the person?"

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