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chapter six; Kisses & Bad Timing
Don't they make you float for a bit? "

  MADELINE COULDN'T BELIEVE she was sitting in a booth opposite Nico Keeler

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  MADELINE COULDN'T BELIEVE she was sitting in a booth opposite Nico Keeler. Bluebelle had in fact picked out her outfit (which consisted of neither a jumper nor jeans). It was a nice walk over to the Three Broomsticks, Nico had ordered their drinks and now she was in a state of disbelief. 

  "So," Nico said, settling back into his seat, "Why did it take so long to get you on the quidditch team?"

  "I already told you," Madeline laughed, sipping her butterbeer, "It was my brother's thing."

  "And now?"

  "Now. . . I'm not letting him stop me from doing things I want to."

  Nico smiled at her answer, "Good thing for me." Madeline raised a brow, "Well, I'm sure he's not very happy about you coming out with me."

  "James doesn't like me around anyone."

  "I sort of get where he's coming from."

  "I'm sorry?"

  "Well," Nico grinned, leaning forward, "You're fit, fiery, now you're on the quidditch team, I'd be protective too."

  Madeline smiled, looking into her butterbeer as if it held a response for her. Nico reached across the table and placed a hand over hers.

  "You're cute when you blush."

  Madeline placed her cool hands on her cheeks, "That's good because it happens a lot when you're around."

  "It's one of my many talents," Nico shrugged with a small smile.

  "Alright, now you just sound arrogant."

  "Confident," Nico corrected teasingly.

  Sirius, James, and Peter were laughing as they clambered into the Three Broomsticks. Remus was resting in the hospital wing and had kindly requested chocolate from his friends.

  "Woah," Sirius held his arms out, effectively stopping both James and Peter. "Let's come back later."

  "What? Why?" James gave him a weird look, "You don't want butterbeer?"

  "I think this is more about the fact that Maddie's on a date," Peter spoke up, earning a glare from Sirius.

  "What?" James whirled around, setting eyes on Madeline who was smiling shyly at Nico. "She's—!"

  "Mate, let's just go," Sirius sighed.

  "No, we're going to get butterbeer," James grumbled, "And we're going to make sure Maddie doesn't do anything stupid."

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