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chapter thirty-one; The Siblings of Hogwarts
" No, no one cares about Maddie like I do. "


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  REGULUS BLACK WAS pissed. It had been a very long string of events that led him to the position of nearly punching James Potter in the face, and it had all begun with a life-changing decision.

  "Hello," Regulus cleared his throat, loosening his emerald tie slightly. Bluebelle was looking up at him with a scrunched brow, the girl not to sure what to say to the younger teen. "Have you seen Madeline lately?"

  "She's in our dorm," Bluebelle replied after a moment, "Not taking visitors."

  "I need to speak with her."

  "You don't talk like a 16-year-old, y'know."

  Regulus' jaw was set, obviously growing irritated with the blonde. "Look, can you just tell her to meet me?"


  "She'll know where."

  Bluebelle's face was twisted in confusion as Regulus walked away briskly, all he could do is hope Madeline would wind up in the Astronomy Tower that night.


  "What's wrong with you?"

  "What did you need to talk to me about?" Madeline questioned through a froggy voice, pulling jumper sleeves to form paw-like hands.

  "Maddie, what's wrong?" Regulus questioned, his anger and anxiety washed away quickly as he stood from his spot on the edge of the Astronomy Tower's balcony. The wind had ruffled his hair into a messier state than normal, but this was the least of his problems.

  "Nothing," Madeline lied poorly, "What's going on?"

  Regulus stared at the brunette for a moment. It was strange that suddenly the boy was taller than she was, Madeline could assume he was as tall if not taller than Sirius now. When they first spoke he'd been barely shorter than her, and now the girl wondered when he had his growth spurt.

  "Can I come stay?" Regulus blurted, "With you?"

  Madeline's face softened, her fists unclenching which allowed the sweater to inch back up her hands. Regulus looked nervous, like suddenly the brick wall, the barrier he put up between himself and any other living thing, had been broken down to nothing but rubble.

  "Of course," Madeline finally responded, though her voice was extremely quiet, "Straight to my house this summer?"

  Regulus silently nodded, tightening his face slightly. He snuck a look back at the sky, turning back to Madeline with a clear face.

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