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chapter thirteen; A Summer Attack
I think the bad thing's already here. "

  FLEAMONT AND EUPHEMIA noticed straight away that something was off between their children

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  FLEAMONT AND EUPHEMIA noticed straight away that something was off between their children. They'd never gotten along in the traditional sense, but there was the constant teasing, bickering, laughing, there was always something. Madeline and James were, and always had been, unreasonably loud kids.

  But they were silent from the moment they met their parents on the platform until they stepped foot into the Potter home. Madeline wordlessly dragged her trunk upstairs, a task that was usually soundtracked by James' laughter until she hit the middle of the staircase, where he'd take over.

  But the brunette pulled it all the way to her bedroom, a loud 'thunk' resonating throughout the home as it rolled up every individual stair.

  "What's wrong with them?"

  "Please don't ask me to understand the minds of our children," Fleamont whispered as James passed by them, "I still don't understand half the things they say."

  "You don't?"

  "Not a clue," Fleamont shook his head.

  It was nearing two in the morning when Madeline emerged from her bedroom. She'd opted out of dinner, sleeping through sunset, only to be awoken by the sounds of her stomach growling.

  The brunette padded quietly to the kitchen, carefully selecting an apple before moving to get herself a cup of water. The blue plastic clattered into the sunk as the lights flicked on, Madeline spinning quickly around only to see a disheveled James standing in a similar state.

  "Sorry," He mumbled, "Didn't know anyone was awake."

  "S'fine," Madeline turned back to the sink, "I was done in here anyway."

  "Oh. Okay."

  Madeline collected her apple and held her cup beneath the faucet, agitated enough with the tap's slow flow that she accepted a cup half empty. She awkwardly hurried past James, before taking the stairs two at a time.

  The apple softened on her bedside table overnight.


  Summer became a blur almost instantly. Madeline had done just about the same things, re-organizing her bedroom four times, writing more letters than the poor Potters' owl could carry, and most noticeably, found brand new ways to avoid her brother at every turn.

  It shouldn't have been a big deal, honestly, but both Potter siblings were hard-headed so it simply turned into a terrible game of chicken.

  That was until James finally broke, his worry winning over the after the incident in early July.

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