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chapter nine; Maddie's Bad Company
But, it's like. . . going straight into the lion's den. "

  MADELINE COULD ONLY assume Nico missed her greatly, and he was trying to make up for lost time

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  MADELINE COULD ONLY assume Nico missed her greatly, and he was trying to make up for lost time. Walking to classes, during break, meals, at the end of the day, Madeline Potter was found beneath Nico Keeler's arm, or the two attached at the lips.

  All was well until Sirius began interrupting them.

  Then Remus was placing himself between them.

  And Peter was kindly asking Madeline to walk to classes with him.

  Nico Keeler didn't like it at all.

  "Oh, Maddie!" Madeline closed her eyes, resting her forehead on Nico's chest as Sirius sauntered over to the two, "So glad I caught you at a good time."

  "Obviously not a good time, mate." Madeline peeked her eyes open, only to see Nico and Sirius glaring at each other.

  Based purely on appearance, Nico was easily more intimidating than Sirius. Towering over the Gryffindor, paired with his muscular physique from years of quidditch, compared to Sirius who, while still tall was not impressive, his athletic build was still muscular, but quidditch had slimmed him down instead of buffing him up.

  But Madeline knew both of them well enough to be well aware that Nico wouldn't stand a chance against Sirius.

  "Is everything alright?" Madeline questioned, squeezing Nico's arm gently.

  "Fine." Sirius smirked, shifting his attention to the girl, "Just wanted to know if you were coming to the Gryffindor party tonight?"

  "Oh, I didn't know I—"

  "We'll be there." Madeline looked up at Nico with her brows raised, the boy's attention was solely on Sirius. "Thanks for the invite, mate."

  "No problem," Sirius smiled, harshly clapping a hand on the boy's shoulder before turning to Madeline. "See you later, Maddie."

  With a wink, he was gone, and Nico finally shifted his gaze to Madeline.

  "I hate him," Nico stated bluntly, "I don't like him, Pettigrew, or Lupin around you."

  "They've made a hobby out of bothering me," Madeline grumbled, "Can't exactly stop them."

  "I might be able to," Nico grinned, but before Madeline could speak his lips were back on hers.


  "You'll be fine," Bluebelle sighed, "It'll be great! The first party for you and Nico as a couple, you should be excited."

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