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chapter forty-two; Rules And Regulations Of Breakfast
" It's unfair to the food itself and all of us who love it. "

  MADELINE POTTER ACCIDENTLY bumped into Bluebelle Walters, Madeline entering their dorm while Bluebelle was on her way out

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  MADELINE POTTER ACCIDENTLY bumped into Bluebelle Walters, Madeline entering their dorm while Bluebelle was on her way out. It was bizarre, considering their lives had twisted into a shade of busy that suddenly didn't include each other, but Madeline had spoken up and stopped Bluebelle in her tracks.

  "Hey, where are you off to?"

  "Date with Kai," Bluebelle smiled, "Three Broomsticks."

  "Aw, we didn't go this year," Madeline frowned in realization, sighing, "I never see you guys anymore."

  "I know, we've all been so busy."

  "Yeah, you and Kai a bit more than me," Madeline joked half-heartedly, and apparently it was a poor delivery because Bluebelle heard it as a jab. 

  "What's that supposed to mean?"

  "Nothing," Madeline said, sighing at Bluebelle's glare, "I just feel like since you and Kai started dating I'm not. . . in this friendship anymore."

  "You've been busy with Black," Bluebelle said, "You ditched us for Keeler then for him, I haven't had a chance to talk to you and we live in the same room!"

  "I can't believe you brought up Nico."

  "He was my friend, too, Maddie, I know shit went bad and he was an ass but you don't reserve the right to decide who can mention him."

  "Bloody hell, we're not arguing about him."

  "I don't want to argue at all!"

  "Neither do I," Madeline defended, "I was just vocalizing my opinion!"

  "Maybe if you put some effort into seeing us then you wouldn't have anything to vocalize," Bluebelle said with finality, rushing out of the dorm before Madeline could speak.

  The brunette frowned to herself but entered the dorm and collected her jacket trying to push the argument to the back of her mind.


  "Breakfast is the only meal that's this picky."


  "I mean, you could have chicken for lunch or dinner, but pancakes are specifically breakfast food, constrained to the early hours of the days, and it's just not fair!"

  Madeline shook her head at Sirius' melodramatic rant about his favorite meal's time constraints. Remus was attempting to comprehend why Sirius was suddenly so hung up on the hours in which it's socially acceptable to eat an omelet, but Madeline knew not to ask why.

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