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chapter forty-four; An Influx In Gift-Giving
" Come on, it's Christmas, don't be a douche. "

  THE TABLES HAD turned for the Potter Christmas

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  THE TABLES HAD turned for the Potter Christmas. James today was holed up in his bedroom, blocking out the sound of chatter and laughter floating upstairs with a heavy pillow. Perhaps age was catching up with him finally, no longer craving to wake up with the sun and bounce around the home.

  That or his nerves were getting the better of him.

  "He's not up yet?" Lily asked, rounding the corner and perching on the arm of the sofa, passing a mug of tea to Peter.

  "No," Madeline responded, "He'd be down here, wouldn't he?"

  "Usually," Sirius said, his fingers continuing to absentmindedly drum on Madeline's hip, as she was mirroring Lily's position by sitting on the arm of the chair Sirius was relaxing in, "If anyone should go check it should be Lily."

  "If I get yelled at you're all going down," Lily threatened, "Sirius, give me your tea."

  "What, why?" 

  "Because you haven't touched it and if I'm waking James up I should bring him something," The redhead deadpanned, holding her hand out, "Come on, it's Christmas, don't be a douche."

  Sirius pouted as he passed the un-touched tea to Lily, leaning his head on Madeline's back as Lily trotted upstairs. Madeline just laughed and passed him her own, the boy happily sipping the perfectly brewed earl grey she'd made.

  The morning had been uneventful so far, aside from the arrival of Remus, Lily, and Peter. Euphemia and Fleamont were still fast asleep in their own room, blissfully unaware that Sirius had rushed around to wake up his younger brother and Madeline. 

  The trio had claimed the living room after grabbing tea, chattering excitedly about the holiday. Regulus had been reserved at first, but by the third time Madeline had called Sirius an idiot, he was laughing along with them.

  "We have so many presents this year," Madeline sighed in realization, looking at the miniature mounting beneath the tree.

  "There's a lot of us here," Remus laughed, "Plus we've all got a bit better with gift-giving."

  "Yeah, Sirius bought Maddie an astronomy book two years ago," Peter said smiling.

  "She reads it all the time," Sirius defended.

  "I probably wouldn't if you hadn't given it to me," Madeline said cringing, gently patting Sirius' arm as his jaw dropped, "But I do, I do read it all the time, I love it."

  "Hear that, Wormy, she loves it."

  "Sirius, you gave James a quill set in second year."

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