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chapter twenty-two; Brotherly Love
Because you're a bitch! "

  MADELINE POTTER DIDN'T know whether to be excited or nervous for Christmas break

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  MADELINE POTTER DIDN'T know whether to be excited or nervous for Christmas break. Sure, she loved the holiday and it meant spending time with both her family, and Sirius, but it also meant being confined in a home with her brother and his best friend, whom she occasionally snogged.

  Her large cloud of emotion was how she managed to lose everyone on Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Bluebelle and Kai were long gone, but the girl couldn't even manage to find her own brother.


  The girl raised her eyebrows after turning to see it was Regulus Black who'd called her name. The boy looked a bit frazzled, almost scared.

  "Hey, are you okay?"



  The teens both froze at the shrill voice slicing through all other noise. Madeline didn't have time to blink, let alone leave before Walburga Black was standing right behind Regulus with an iron grip on his shoulder.

  The woman peered down her nose at Madeline, an obvious expression of distaste.

  "What are you doing speaking with a Blood-Traitor?"

  Walburga didn't have to spit the word for Madeline to flinch. She'd been sheltered from most, if not all, blood-purist families, not having been called a single name before. 

  She did not like it.

  "Nothing," Regulus said tightly, "I wasn't."

  Madeline saw Walburga's grip tighten, and Regulus' face scrunch in pain.

  "It was my fault," Madeline blurted without thinking, "He didn't want to talk to me, sorry for bothering you, Regulus."

  "It'd do you good to keep away from him," Walburga said venomously, "Him and Sirius."

  "You disowned Sirius," Madeline said angrily, "You have no right to tell me to stay away from him."

  "I have no right—"


  It was then the situation fully registered in Madeline's mind. Regulus was standing with a scared expression, Walburga had stepped in front of her son, threateningly close to Madeline.

  And now Euphemia Potter, followed by James and Sirius, was shoving through the crowd.

  "Euphemia, I have to ask you to control your daughter," Walburga said, lifting her chin to peer down at the whole Potter family. "Shouting like a lunatic."

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