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chapter thirty-three; Breakfast Squabble
" It's alright to be hurt, I stand by that, but it is never alright to be cruel. "

  "HE CAN STAY in my room

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  "HE CAN STAY in my room."

  The only problem any teenager would focus on, was where Regulus Black was going to sleep. It was clear to Euphemia and Fleamont that there were bigger unresolved issues causing tension between the four, and they were all taking it out trying to find a place for Regulus to stay.

  Madeline had offered up her room, but this didn't seem to last very long.

  "No," James snapped instantly, "He might wind up in your bed."

  "James!" Euphemia instantly reprimanded, "Watch your mouth!"

  "She's done one Black brother, I wouldn't be surprised—"

  "James Fleamont Potter," Fleamont said lowly, making James freeze, "I do not know what has gotten into you, but Madeline is your sister, and I won't have you disrespecting her."

  The siblings fell silent.

  "I can sleep on the couch," Sirius offered.

  "I'm not a charity case, I can sleep on the couch," Regulus snapped.

  "I never said—"

  "It was a bad idea for me to even come here," Regulus said suddenly. "I need to go home—"

  "You can't," Sirius said fiercely.

  "You can't tell me what to do!"

  "I'm your big brother!"

  "You stopped being my brother the day you left!" Regulus shouted, "You chose James over me!"

  "Enough!" Fleamont yelled, silencing the teens, "James, you'll sleep in Madeline's room—" James went to protest, "Sirius will stay in his room and Regulus will sleep in James'. I don't want to hear any complaints from any of you."


  "It'll blow over by breakfast," Madeline said, allowing the flat sheet to fall onto James' bed. Regulus stood back, allowing the girl to re-dress the mattress. "We fight all the time."

  "I'm used to fighting."

  "I know," She said quieter, tucking the sheet in, "But, really. No one will even remember, and then maybe you and I can pop over to some shops. Or maybe see Blue and Kai—or Lily?"

  "Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?"

  "You," Madeline said quickly, grabbing a white quilt and handing it to Regulus, "Night, Reg."

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