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chapter two; The Pumpkin Juice Incident
Ravenclaws, am I right? "

chapter two; The Pumpkin Juice Incident" Ravenclaws, am I right? "

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  KAI WAS THE loudest Ravenclaw in all of Hogwarts. This made itself painfully obvious the night of September first when he and Madeline decided to sneak out to the Black Lake instead of battling their insomnia.

  Madeline had never been an easy sleeper, no bed, pillow, or position seemed comfortable enough, and the snores of her roommates only made this worse. Kai, on the other hand, was more of a self-induced insomniac. He'd grown far too used to an hour of rest and endless cups of coffee to sleep at a regular hour.

  The Potter girl was the first to hear footsteps, not hesitating to grab Kai's sleeve and yank him into the closest alcove. It was tight, not made for more than one person which resulted in their noses nearly touching.

  Any other boy, Madeline would've been wildly uncomfortable. But, Kai had been her best friend for a majority of her life and all either of them was worried about was not getting caught.

  They didn't expect to be caught by another student.




  "Oh for Merlin's sake—" Madeline shoved Sirius back, wiggling from the alcove and helping Kai out, "What are you doing?"

  "What am I doing?" Sirius eyed Kai, "What were you doing?"

  "Not Kai!"


  "Look, we're trying to go somewhere," She grumbled, "Goodbye, Black."

  "Wait, wait, wait!" Sirius panicked, latching onto the girl's sleeve, "Where are you going?"

  "None of your business, let me go," Madeline grumbled, yanking her arm away.


  "We're going to the Black Lake." Madeline glared at Kai after he blurted their plans, "Is that not okay?"

  "No, it's not!" Madeline crossed her arms, "Maddie, just trust me—"

  "Oi!" The trio whirled around, only to set sights on James Potter. Madeline threw her hands up, much to Kai's amusement, "What are you two doing with Maddie?"

  "Okay, slow down," Madeline waved, "This one," She pointed to Sirius, "Won't leave us alone, and Kai's my friend."


  "She wants to go to the Black Lake." James and Sirius now wore identical panicked looks.

  "Maddie, just go to the kitchens or something—"

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