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chapter fifty; Family Lives At Hogwarts
You don't like it when you're the one left out, do you? "

chapter fifty; Family Lives At Hogwarts" You don't like it when you're the one left out, do you? "

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  HOGWARTS WAS OVER. Alright, this was an exaggeration, it was the day before Madeline would leave Hogwarts and never return as a student. It felt a bit too surreal for her taste.

  Things had wrapped up within the past week, no more NEWTs, Gryffindor winning the house cup (and Madeline telling James she allowed them to win), but she still wanted one more thing. One last memory to cement the memory of Hogwarts into her brain— the one that would sum up her schooling and friendships and everything that felt like it mattered at the time.

  "Sirius!" The brunette announced herself as she barged into the Marauders' dorm, making the boy himself groan, "It is nearly 10, why are you sleeping?"

  "Bored," Sirius mumbled into his pillow, reaching a hand out and waving it around until Madeline grabbed it, "Hi."

  "It's our last night," Madeline laughed, tugging on his arm, "I wanna do something."

  "That can be arranged—"

  A laugh escaped Madeline's lips as Sirius pulled her into the four-poster bed, peppering exaggerated and sloppy kisses all over her face.


  "Maddie!" He mocked, pausing his attack and smiling down at the girl, "Yes?"

  "Get dressed, we have things to do," She said seriously but was back to laughing in an instant as Sirius resumed his antics. "Doll— Sirius—"

  "Okay, okay," Sirius sighed dramatically, rolling off of the girl and slipping into a puddle on the ground, "I'll get dressed."

  Madeline smiled as Sirius slunk towards his trunk, digging through the clothes lazily. But her happiness melted into annoyance after Sirius traded outfits for the fourth time. At some point, she'd reached her breaking point and stood from the bed without much regard for the new clothes he'd spread across the floor.

  "Come on," Madeline's voice turned to a whine, tugging on Sirius Black's leather jacket. The boy chuckled, pulling her under his arm falling in step.

  "Where are we going?"

  "The pitch," She answered easily, one arm curling around Sirius' middle, "Do you remember the night. . . everything happened?"

  "Not an easy thing to forget."

  "I want a redo," Madeline said softly, a small smile playing on her lips, "A better memory. And since tonight is the last night I can do that. . ."

  Sirius let out another breathy chuckle, pressing an exaggerated kiss to the top of Madeline's head. They walked the rest of the way in comfortable silence, Madeline's free hand toyed with Sirius' fingers as they made their way through the twisting castle.

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