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chapter eight; Silk Pj's And Gold Lockets
Always so cheerful, Maddie. "

  AS MUCH AS Madeline loved Christmas, she always hated the fact that James brought his rowdy friends home

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  AS MUCH AS Madeline loved Christmas, she always hated the fact that James brought his rowdy friends home. The girl was comfortable with having minimal friends, but around the holidays she was aggressively reminded that James had won the friendship lottery.

  The boys were willing to ditch their own families to be together, and not that they should, but Kai and Bluebelle did not. She was left to fend for herself, in the middle of the best friend that had ever existed in Hogwarts history.

  So Madeline woke up alone on December 25th, mostly due to the howling laughter coming from downstairs, but the owl incessantly pecking at her window assisted. The brunette finally dragged herself out of her warm bed, pulling the window open and accepting the letter and small parcel from the familiar owl.

  Dear Mads,

  I absolutely do not fancy Dorcas Meadowes, I'm insulted you'd assume such a thing. Speaking of fancying Gryffindors, I've gotten nearly three letters from Lily already, I swear to Merlin she has a crush on your brother but won't admit it.

  Anyways, happy Christmas, Love! Don't let James give you a hard time, and if he does you know the Declan's love you nearly more than I do. And, it'd give me an excuse to go to town and breathe away from my grandmother for a moment. The woman's gone loopy, mumbling on about muggle things she's heard of recently.

  Tell your Mum and Dad I said Happy Christmas as well, I hope you like your present and I'll see you New Years.

  Yours truly,

  Madeline smiled, setting the parchment down and pulling the end of a red bow. She shifted the top of the box beneath it, revealing a small golden locket that held a photo of Kai, Bluebelle, and Madeline grinning madly. The brunette clipped it around her neck, stopping to inspect her appearance in the mirror attached to her fresser, before heading downstairs.

  She knew if she didn't come down soon, someone would come up to find her and that would be far worse.

  James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were planted in the living room, already loud as if they didn't understand the concept of the morning. Madeline didn't spare them a second glance, but the three boys (excluding her brother) admired her silky blue pajama bottoms and messy brown hair.

  "Oi!" James snapped the boys back to reality, "Stop looking at my sister!"

  "Would you quit shouting?" Madeline yelled from the kitchen, filling the faded red kettle in the sink, "It's bloody early!"

  "Always so cheerful, Maddie," James grinned, popping his head into the room, "Breakfast?"

  "Were you planning on cooking?" Madeline questioned, rolling her eyes when her brother frowned, "I'm not a house elf."

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