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chapter ten; A Potter Kind Of Fire
He's just a boy. "

  MADELINE WAS HAVING a surprisingly good time after she managed to ditch Colin

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  MADELINE WAS HAVING a surprisingly good time after she managed to ditch Colin. Lily had found her again, and now the two were dancing with Marlene McKinnon.

  Outwardly, the blonde seemed like quite the bad-ass, but she was all bad jokes and snack obsessions.

  "I can't believe you've never hung out with us before," Marlene grinned as she and Madeline escaped the dance floor.

  "I've tried to keep my distance from Gryffindor."

  "Because of your brother?" Madeline nodded. "I have two brothers and trust me; it's not worth it."


  "Don't act stupid, you're a Ravenclaw," Marlene scoffed jokingly, "Don't limit yourself just because you don't want to be like him."

  "It's hard when your brother is James Potter," Madeline huffed, "Bloody annoying."

  "I could see that."

  "Mate, you're not welcome here!"

  Madeline whirled around at the familiar, anger laced voice. A sea of rowdy Gryffindors had parted, forming a spectacle of the brewing fight.

  "You don't own the common room."

  "Oi! You heard him, leave!"

  The brunette panicked slightly, it was just her luck that the fight was between Nico, Colin, James, and Sirius.

  "What's your problem?" Madeline shoved through the crowd easily, all current attention directed towards her. James and Sirius were tense, and the Ravenclaw boys seemed borderline amused.

  Not that she noticed.

  "Maddie, I have to talk to you." Sirius' eyes were softer than the girl had ever seen them, and for unknown reasons when he gently grabbed her wrist she was compelled to follow.

  Nico could see that.

  "You're not going anywhere with her," Nico snapped, harshly pulling Madeline into him. "We're leaving."

  "Get your hands off my sister—"

  "Woah, back off."

  It seemed the party stilled when Colin placed a hand on James' chest.

  "Let's just go," Madeline spoke up quietly.

  "Shut up—"

  James didn't let Colin blink before he clocked him in the jaw. It seemed instantly the students, being majorly Gryffindor, were cheering on James Potter.

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