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chapter twenty-nine; Inter-House Quidditch Cup
Because you might be a Ravenclaw but you're thick! "

𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄chapter twenty-nine; Inter-House Quidditch Cup" Because you might be a Ravenclaw but you're thick! "

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  JUNE CAME QUICKER than any other month in the year of 1977. It was there long before Madeline wanted it to be. 

  The couple weeks leading up to her final month in the sixth year of her schooling were painful, to say the least. Sirius Black had wormed his way back into Madeline's heart (though, she doubted he ever really left) and had been trying to fully worm his way back into her life.

  Constant reminders that Madeline was only not with Sirius because she worked so hard to stay detached didn't help her mental state. She knew it was smarter, stay clear and get through Hogwarts then leave, move far away and find a new life.

  That didn't make it easy.

  The only distraction she was graced with was the awarding of the Quidditch Cup. 

  Being captain made this especially important, and Madeline was on her toes. Nails bitten down to a disastrous state, her anxiety swelled to fit the expanse of the Great Hall. Dumbledore's speech seemed to fade in and out of her ears, all she wanted to know was if she won.

  Was she good enough to win?

  "Maddie, it's alright," Kai said quietly, knocking Madeline out of the storm of anxiety, "Look, we did good this year."

  "'Good's' not good enough," Madeline mumbled, "If we don't win the cup, again, how am I any better than Keeler?"

  "You can't base your abilities off of this," Bluebelle joined the conversation, "You're a great captain, Maddie."

  "Yeah, but so are Hufflepuff and Slytherin's," Madeline sighed, "And so is James."

  The girl turned her attention back to the headmaster, missing a look Bluebelle and Kai shared. It had been a trend in recent days, Madeline missing any and everything to do with the two so-called best friends sitting to her left. 

  "Now, for what you've all been waiting for," Dumbledore cleared his throat, "The Inter-House Quidditch Cup of 1996 through 1997 goes to. . ."

  Madeline held her breath. She shouldn't get her hopes up. No one in their first year of being captain won the cup, it was a stretch. Madeline may have been adequate at the sport, but she wasn't brilliant— no future quidditch star in the making.

  She wouldn't win the house cup.


  Or, she would.

  "You did it Maddie!" Kai cheered, though his voice blended in with that of the entire blue and bronze house. It had been years since the Eagles had won, and to say the celebration was extravagant was an understatement.

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