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chapter forty-nine; Waiting For Someday
" Reckon Dumbledore would let us live in the Shrieking Shack. "

  SOMEHOW, KNOWING WHAT she'd be doing post-Hogwarts made the whole end of the year thing a lot less terrifying to Madeline Potter

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  SOMEHOW, KNOWING WHAT she'd be doing post-Hogwarts made the whole end of the year thing a lot less terrifying to Madeline Potter. Even if that something was being on the front-lines of the war that had started while she was being sheltered by her brother and her school.

  At least it wasn't a leap into the unknown.

  Plus, this new plan for the future included not only her friends, but her brother, and the very boy who was watching her as if she was as sight to behold.

  "Nothing looks right," Madeline mumbled, tugging a brush through her hair for the tenth time, "Why does nothing look right?"

  "Because you're overthinking this," Sirius mumbled, his chin propped on his hands, "You look beautiful no matter what."

  "Sirius," Madeline whined, making the boy chuckle and hop up, "I just wanna look nice for our date."

  "Oh, come on, it'll be better if we both put on pajamas," Sirius said, looping his arm around Madeline's shoulders, "Look like we just rolled out of bed—"

  "You just want an excuse to get back in bed."

  "Well, perhaps after this date I've so carefully planned out."

  Madeline rolled her eyes at Sirius' cockiness, lifting her hands and holding onto his arms. The mirror that showed them was foggy but that didn't seem to matter, because it still showed them in the simplest form.

  And that was when Madeline knew. 

  That it may be scary, but fear was well worth it to stay like this forever. To keep a boy who planned silly dates as a way to ease her mind before NEWTs began in mere days, who clung to her because somehow her affection was the most important thing to him. To be with someone as special and beautiful as Sirius Black himself.

  "Sirius?" Madeline asked quietly, making the boy hum gently. "I know it took me a long time, and you may not want to hear it anymore, but I love you."

  The girl watched Sirius' eyes widen like saucers.

  "I just, sort of realized that we've kind of been through a lot and I don't want that to be for nothing— I just want to be with you for as long as time allows."

  Sirius just hugged her a bit tighter, his face disappearing into her hair. 

  "All I've ever wanted was for someone to care about me," He mumbled, "I don't think this could've even happened in the best of my dreams."

  "Sap, come here," Madeline said quietly, smiling as she turned in Sirius' arms to face him. His smile was soft and real as she pushed hair out of his face, "I love you."

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