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chapter twenty-seven; New Crushes And Protectors
Do you actually think I'd ask to be polite? "

𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄chapter twenty-seven; New Crushes And Protectors" Do you actually think I'd ask to be polite? "

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  MADELINE HAD, SOMEHOW, become the therapist for her best friends. She assumed they'd mistaken her silence for listening, but in reality, Kai and Bluebelle were simply trying to distract her.

  Not many were aware why Madeline was the way she was, but then again not many cared. The rumors had long faded out, but the bright red stamp of 'SLAG' across Madeline's forehead had not.

  "And Jules had the nerve to claim that game as hers!"

  "She's the seeker," Bluebelle pointed at Kai, "Isn't she technically the reason you win?

  "I can't even look at you," Kai mumbled.

  "Good, I have to go to detention anyway," Bluebelle said, hopping up from the faded blue couch of the Ravenclaw common room.

  "For what?"

  "I missed homework for McGonagall too much," The blonde spoke as she heaved a bag onto her shoulder, "She's a—"

  "Great professor!" Madeline yelled, grinning at Bluebelle's glare, "Have fun."

  "So much," Bluebelle smiled sarcastically.

  She was gone for two minutes before Kai blurted out a sentence that sent Madeline toppling off of the sofa.

  "I fancy Blue!"

  "What, when?" Madeline questioned from the ground.

  "I don't know!" Kai said, "I've always loved you both and now I—" He made wild, meaningless gestures with his hands, "I fancy her!"

  "So, what's wrong with that?"

  "She's Bluebelle!" Kai yelled, "There is no way she fancies me!"

  "Leave it all to me."


  "Shh, the love doctor is here," Madeline hushed Kai loudly, cradling his head to her chest.


  "What do you like about Bluebelle?" Madeline questioned dramatically, brushing down Kai's hair.

  "I hate you."

  "I'm doing you a favor!"

  "You're distracting yourself from Black."

  Madeline let go of Kai quickly, getting up from the sofa quickly.

  "Don't be mad," Kai tried, "I'm sorry, look, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said it."

  "Yeah, whatever," Madeline mumbled, not hesitating to leave the common room.

  She did feel bad about it, but this didn't stop her steps. Everything should have been fixed, but in reality, it felt like things couldn't have been worse. She no longer had Sirius, hardly speaking with Remus, Madeline hadn't even spoken to her brother really. None of it was worth it.

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