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chapter nineteen; Quidditch Supply Shed
" Can we not talk about your brother right now? "

𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄chapter nineteen; Quidditch Supply Shed" Can we not talk about your brother right now? "

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  MADELINE WISHED SHE had made a friend out of Lily Evans years ago. Not only was the redhead a good friend generally speaking, but she was James Potters' biggest kryptonite. Which made it all too easy for Madeline to win the argument of whether she could be captain or not.

  It seemed the second she couldn't have it, Madeline wanted nothing more than the captain badge.

   And due to Lily's charm on James, she had it. Without a world-ending Potter twin fight.

  But the second try-outs came around, Madeline questioned whether it was a good idea or not. Due to the new captain position, she'd decided to have everyone try-out again. Plus, she needed two new chasers to join Kai.

  "Okay," Madeline announced, her knuckles turning white as she gripped onto her broomstick. The Ravenclaw team looked quite annoyed, sparse new faces had arrived, and most were between second and fourth year. "This is Kai Declan," She began, Kai giving a small wave from her side, "I want all the chasers and beaters with him, seekers with me."

  "So, what, since he's your friend he gets a position?" 

  Madeline breathed out a shaky breath at the snickers flooding the small crowd from a nameless boy's comment.

  "What's your name?"

  "Howard Luther."

  "Luther, okay," Madeline nodded, "You and Declan, in the air."


  "Whoever gets a goal," She cut him off, "First chaser on the team."

  Kai let out an amused laugh but followed Madeline's instruction almost instantly. Howard did after a moment, letting out a long and irritated sigh, followed by Madeline.

  It took 15 minutes for Kai to score a goal.

  Madeline had no remorse for blocking them, Howard had hardly even touched the quaffle, as it had mostly been a game between Kai and the Potter girl. The trio landed back on the ground, Kai officially on the team and Howard not.

  No one else complained that practice.

  Once Madeline had shoved her nerves to the back of her mind, it went shocking smoothly. She had indeed found two more chasers, Lily Myers and Miles Halter, and replaced the seeker with Jules Yarin, a third year who was dedicated enough to catching the snitch, shown by nearly toppling off her broom.

  (But she caught the golden snitch, so what did it matter?)

  The girl was on the pitch long after the team left, cleaning up for the next house. Which happened to by Gryffindor.

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