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chapter sixteen; Rumor Has It
If there's anything worth getting expelled for, it's this. "

  SEPTEMBER FIRST CAME around just as quickly as it always did

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  SEPTEMBER FIRST CAME around just as quickly as it always did. This time, the Potter household buzzed with three teens instead of two, but the real miracle was they still managed to get to the platform on time.

  "Bye, Mads!" Sirius waved dramatically as the girl pushed her cart into the sea of people.

  "Don't miss us too much!"

  "Fat chance of that," Madeline scoffed at her brother, quickly disappearing into the chaos of the station.

  "Potter!" James turned his head, Ryan Shallowed was making his way towards the train with a group of unfamiliar Hufflepuff and Slytherin boys, a small smirk on his face. "Guess we all know why you're not a Keeper, huh?"

  James let out a confused chuckle as the entire group began to howl in laughter.

  "That was strange," James mumbled after the boys had continued on. "Even for us."

  "I'd have to agree with you there, Prongs."

  The next time someone made an off-hand comment, the Marauders were completely reunited. The boys were making their way into the Great Hall, laughing about something Remus had said when none other than Colin Hughes approached.

  "Hey, mate, take a page from your sister's book; don't let her actions define you."

  "What the bloody hell are you talking about?"

  "Oh, no one's told you?" Colin's lips curled into a smile. "That's precious."


  "I'm sure you'll hear soon enough."

  The boys were all unnerved as Colin sauntered back to the Ravenclaw table.

  "I can't believe you didn't tell me!" Bluebelle whisper-shouted, hitting Madeline's arm as she sat down.

  "Didn't tell you what?"

  "I had to hear it from Jenne Lewis that you jumped Keeler and Hughes' bones!"

  "I'm sorry, I did what?" Madeline laughed. Genuinely and loudly, shoving Bluebelle's arm lightly, "Your pranks are nearly worse than my brother's."

  "I'm not kidding, Maddie," Bluebelle whispered, her voice far more serious than seconds prior. "Everyone's talking about how Keeler was the one to take James Potter's little sister's—" The blonde cut herself off, taking a deep breath, "And that he let Hughes have his leftovers."

  "I didn't," Madeline said, a wave of panic engulfing her, "I broke up with Nico in August and I don't even want to talk to Hughes, let alone. . ."

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