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chapter twenty-five; Left Field Relationship
If things were different. . ."

  REMUS WAS STILL pissed two days after the Snape incident

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  REMUS WAS STILL pissed two days after the Snape incident. When day had faded into night, he sat staring into the embers that had faded from a fire, normally he'd read in the common room but tonight he found it impossible.

  He was snapped from his trance at the shouting and then banging, coming from the portrait hole.

  Remus hesitated but wrenched it open once realizing he recognized the voice.


  "Hey, Rem," Madeline breathed out with a nervous smile, a drunken Sirius leaning his full weight on her. "Funny story."

  Remus sighed in an agitated manner but ducked so Sirius could wrap an arm around his shoulders. The taller boy heaved Sirius off of Madeline, leaving the Ravenclaw to linger whilst Remus dumped Sirius onto the velvet sofa

  "I'm going to stop seeing him."

  Remus stared at Sirius, who was cuddling with a sofa cushion, before walking back to Madeline. She stayed strictly on the other side of the doorway, refusing to enter the common room as if it meant something bigger.


  "He needs you lot more than he needs me," Madeline said, pointing slightly in the general direction of Sirius, "I'm not even fully sure what happened, something about a prank. . . but he thinks you hate him and, I know I've not been close to him for that long, but I've never seen him so. . . defeated. Before. Lonely, I suppose."

  Remus shoved his hands into his pockets, attempting to block out the guilt that was pushing hard on his heart. That, sure Sirius screwed up royally, but he never meant to hurt him. And Remus had driven his best friend to defeat, to loneliness. Loneliness, perhaps, the worst thing any of the Marauders could possibly feel.

  "I just think it's best," Madeline continued after a moment, "You're nice, Rem. You're letting it go. James wouldn't."

  "I'm really sorry, Mads."

  "It's not your fault," Madeline shrugged, "I'm fixing a situation I got myself into."

  Madeline nodded as if agreeing with herself. It was painfully obvious she was terribly unsure of herself, and everything she was doing, but that didn't change the fact that her decision was set in stone. So, Remus hugged the girl lightly, giving her a weak smile she returned before turning on her heel, and walking away.


  Sirius Black thought it was entirely unfair that he still had massive hangovers after drinking. One would think that practice made perfect, and considering how much practice he and James got over the summer prior, he should've had no reaction to the bottle of firewhiskey he'd downed.

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