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chapter forty-three; Sirius' Stupid Cologne
Yes, yes, you're a potions master, what do you smell? "

chapter forty-three; Sirius' Stupid Cologne" Yes, yes, you're a potions master, what do you smell? "

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  LILY EVANS MADE a choice, following her conversation with James outside of Honeydukes. She'd fallen victim to the Potter feud, blocking out Madeline for James despite campaigning for the Ravenclaw regularly.

  And Lily missed Madeline. Their endless conversations and instantaneous connection, Lily decided to claim their friendship back.


  Sirius didn't mean to spit out his bite of pancake, honestly, but what else was he supposed to do when Lily approached the table so determinedly?

  The regular gang had expanded to include Bluebelle and Kai, Ravenclaws outnumbering Gryffindors until Lily had shown up.

  "Hi," Madeline responded after giving Sirius a deadpan look. "Is something wrong?"

  "Oh, no," Lily cleared her throat, "I was, uh, wondering if I could eat breakfast with you?"

  "Sure," The brunette smiled, watching Lily claim the seat beside Kai. 

  The air was tense for longer than anyone wanted, the joking had stopped short because of the redhead's arrival and now there was no clear guidance on what to do next.

  "History of Magic's killing me," Remus announced matter-of-factly.

  "Don't bring it up," Madeline whined, rubbing her temples as if the simple words caused a headache.

  "I'm so glad I chose not to take it this year, then."

  "That just means you're smart," Bluebelle informed Lily, "Dumb and dumber decided to take a bunch of classes just for the hell of it."

  "I want to keep my options open," Madeline defended, "If I take important classes, my career opportunities are endless."

  "I just like to torture myself, I suppose."

  Sirius shoved Remus' arm from the other side of Madeline, making Lily laugh lightly. 

  The six were the last ones out of the Great Hall that morning.


  Potions. Madeline loved Potions, still, and today she loved it a bit more because Slughorn was allowing them to practice Amortentia, a potion meant to be learned the year prior that he'd accidentally overlooked.

  "No, Remus, you're not meant to put that in yet—"

  Remus let Madeline catch his hand and pry the ingredient from it, sighing as she took over. He didn't have a problem with it, she was the expert here, anyway.

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