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chapter forty-eight; Visiting The Headmaster
Trust me, no one's stopping four pissed off witches unless they have a death wish. "

  ONE WOULD THINK a large group of friends wouldn't get any work done

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  ONE WOULD THINK a large group of friends wouldn't get any work done. They would claim to be studying, but would be chatting and laughing overtop of open books, the jokes covering up any worries of failing their final exams.

  And yet the teens who'd shoved two tables in the library together were getting more done than ever before. Mostly because Lily Evans could keep everyone in check, but Madeline and Bluebelle helped with this.

  "Okay, Potions—"

  "Some of us don't take Potions."

  "James, you're good at this, don't be a prick," Madeline said flatly, making her brother sigh and accept her textbook.

  "I need help with Arithmatcy!" Marlene McKinnon announced, making Remus let out a breathy laugh and scoot closer, delving into the study material with the blonde.

  "James, what classes did you take?" Lily asked thoughtfully, rolling a pen between her fingers.

  "Just a few," He shrugged, not looking away from Madeline's papers, "I didn't need a certain set of them since the Order."

  "The Order?"

  James' movements froze, looking up slowly to find all eyes on him. 

  "Nice job, mate."

  "Sirius Orion—"

  "—Alright, who told Mads my middle name—"

  "If you don't tell me what the hell 'The Order' is right now," Madeline sighed, squeezing her eyes shut momentarily.

  "It's. . . sort of complicated," James mumbled, "Moony, you got this one?"

  "Dumbledore has organized a. . . group," Remus began quietly, "He Who Shall Not Be Named has his army, the Death Eaters. The light needed an organized way of fighting back, the solution is the Order Of The Phoenix."

  "So it's an army."

  "It's not that simple," Sirius sighed at Kai, "It's a secret. Gives us an edge, and we'll be full-time members once we graduate, protecting, ridding darkness with light, we're all committed to the ideas he's presented."

  "Right, and we wouldn't be?" Madeline asked almost harshly.

  "Yeah, why is it that we—" Lily gestured to herself, Madeline, Bluebelle, and Marlene, "Are the ones left out of this organization? Is it because we're girls?"

  "What? No!" James said instantly, "Lily, I think you're one of the bravest people in the world, and you being a girl doesn't affect that at all."

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