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chapter twenty; A Cigarette Peace Offering
"Gobstones is a game, not a sport."

  MADELINE NORMALLY HATED when Ravenclaws had classes with Gryffindors, but now she had a reason to dislike it

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  MADELINE NORMALLY HATED when Ravenclaws had classes with Gryffindors, but now she had a reason to dislike it. 

  Sirius Black did not understand discretion.

  It was Transfiguration, McGonagall was lecturing about something Madeline could not recite, and Sirius was trying to gain the Potter girl's attention. She'd been ignoring him, hoping he'd get the hint, but neither Bluebelle nor Kai could ignore the waving, the notes turned paper planes, or his incessant need to lean back so far in his chair he was nearly on Madeline's desk.


  "Do you want everyone to know?" Madeline whispered harshly, catching the back of Sirius' robe as to keep him from tipping over entirely. His chair rocked back onto all four legs, the boy frowning now. "Be quiet."

  "Black, Potter."

  "I'm not doing anything this time!"

  "The other Potter," McGonagall said pointedly, "Am I interrupting something?"

  "No, Ma'am," Madeline said, letting Sirius go fully, "Sorry."

  McGonagall nodded slightly, delving back into her speech. The rest of the class period, all four legs of Sirius' chair remained on the ground.


  "Why was Black bothering you?"

  "When is he not?" Madeline questioned boredly, readjusting her books. Bluebelle was far too concerned with Sirius than she was comfortable with, jumping on Madeline as soon as they exited the classroom. 

  "You're overthinking things, Blue," Kai sang out, slinging an arm around the shorter blonde's shoulders. She grumbled. "Sirius Black is ruddy annoying."

  "Thanks, mate." Kai jumped slightly, not expecting Sirius to be waiting patiently at the end of the hall. He was leaned casually against the stone wall, one foot propped up. "Mads, I need to talk to you."

  "I'm overthinking it, huh?" Bluebelle questioned.

  "Prongs is losing it over Lily," Sirius explained, giving Bluebelle a bored look, "Mads needs to slap some sense into him."

  "Have fun!" Kai laughed, pulling Bluebelle down the corridor quickly.

  "Okay, so, what's wrong with James—?"

  Madeline's eyes widened as Sirius grinned, tugging her into a supply closet he'd previously been leaning on. She hadn't even noticed it until he yanked the door open, dragging her inside.

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