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chapter twenty-three; Another Bloody Secret
Mia, you spoil us. "

  REMUS LUPIN WASN'T necessarily the smart Marauder

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  REMUS LUPIN WASN'T necessarily the smart Marauder. He was smart, yes, but they all were, in their own way.

  James excelled in potions and rallying people, he could turn a porcupine into a pin cushion whilst having a conversation about dumping soap into the Slytherin prefect's tub. 

  Sirius could tell the price of any hair product or leather jacket by looking at it, he knew how to walk on his toes and make loud boots silent, he'd recite every constellation and star that made them up, all while chatting comfortably with a stranger.

  Peter was the only one who knew how to cook, despite the food being basic things, he could cook and make the jokes found inside holiday crackers sound funny and write a well put-together essay the week it was due.

  But Remus Lupin had common sense, and he was the only one. The only one who took the time to think; perhaps Lily didn't like being chased after, and maybe him being made prefect was a bad idea, and Sirius Black was taking far too long in Madeline Potter's room to have just brought her dinner.

  James was all too focused on a conversation revolving around quidditch with his father to care, Peter clung on to their every word and interjected every now and then. Remus had left the table to assist Euphemia in cleaning up, which made the woman laugh brightly but let him.

  "Mia, you spoil us," Remus patted over his heart when the woman said she'd made desert.

  "A house full of teenagers— I've got to find a way to keep you lot happy." Remus smiled as the woman absentmindedly brushed crumbs from his worn jumper. "Will you go fetch Maddie and Sirius— he must've gone to his room, that boy's all over the place, I tell you."

  "Sure," Remus said, the worry he'd felt whilst eating his broccoli resurfaced, "I thought Maddie was grounded?"

  "Oh, she is," Euphemia sighed, "I feel horrible, the poor girl's probably bored half to death, dessert then she'll go back to bed— off you go I've got to cut the pie."

  Remus nodded, shuffling through the kitchen and past the boys at the dining table, ducking under a low-hanging light as he made his way to the staircase. 

  "C'mon, Lupin," He mumbled, taking the steps quite slowly, "Sirius wouldn't do that to James."

  The boy came around the corner on the second floor, Madeline's white wooden door shut tightly. He worked up so much confidence, Remus didn't let himself stop to knock.

  This was a huge mistake.

  Remus Lupin saw far too much right away. 

  Too much in the sense of now being privy to the secret relationship between Madeline and Sirius, but also in the sense that Sirius' bare back was the only thing keeping Remus from seeing too much of Madeline.

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