Chapter Two

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"Hey!" I yelled under my breath trying to grab his attention. I moved myself closer to where he had laid. I heard the wind whip the leaves of the tree that hovered above. I bent over to pick up a branch that laid lonely on the ground and clutched it in my right hand.

You know, for protection purposes.

I was absolutely positive that Stephan wouldn't do anything to harm me and even if he wanted to, he was still incapable of doing so. In that state, I bet he couldn't even crawl plus I felt pretty powerful grasping the branch between my dainty fingers, it made me feel like a badass warrior princess.

Princess Leia eat your heart out.

The cold wind lingered around me and made the fallen leaves dance as it scratched the ground. I stood in my purple pj shorts and one of Orin's t-shirt's that had an Eminem quote printed on it, "I am whatever you say I am" stuck out in bold white letters with a black and white picture of Eminem stained on the front.

Orin's t-shirt hung loosely around my upper body as it was a few sizes too big for me but that's why I enjoyed wearing his clothing, for the core fact that it was comfortable.

Wearing Orin's t-shirt had made me think about him and how he had forbid me from Stephan, he was obviously silly if he thought that his words would have a leash around my neck. I felt bad for going against his wish but there was no stopping my curious mind.

I stared down at Stephan's body, the freaken guy looked like roadkill in our driveway. "Stephan." I said trying to wake him but still got no response.

I bit my lip nervously as I tightened my grip around the branch I had held in my hand. I stepped closer, taking a deep breath as I felt the air build up in my lungs and in one go I had whacked him with medium strength over his bicep. My intention wasn't to hurt him but I think I did.

"Why the fuck are you hitting me with a stick, just so you know I'm not a fucking piñata" His eyes shot open and his manly voice had frightened me. I flung the stick across the floor from my hand and jerked backwards, I then clasped my hand over my mouth incase I had decided to yell and wake half of Richwood, the small town with the population of four thousand that I now happened to live in.

"I didn't mean t..." I tried explaining but he cut me off with his words completely as I felt my body step closer to him.

"Fuck sake, blueberry!" He had caught sight of me and tried smirking but his drunken smirk looked more like a grin someone would make when they were sitting on the golden thrown taking a pleasant dump.

He tried lifting himself up, I watched him fail hopelessly and giggled at his attempt. I must admit it was cute watching him try.

"Are you going to stand there and watch, or are you actually going to help me?" His words came out sloppy so I rushed over to his side and handed my assistants over to him on a sliver platter. I tried yanking him up, I tugged on his arm and used all of my strength to try and lift him. I couldn't, he was like a blob of unmovable lard but of course he was all muscle. The wind sliced through his hair causing it to become more messy than what it already was but yet he managed to pull the look off effortlessly.

After a while I managed to get him up but that soon resulted in him stumbling down on top of me but luckily we had landed between the red roses beside my mothers law instead of the hard concrete ground. His heavy body was pressed on top of mine. God, I could hardly breathe.

"I don't wish to get up any longer, you're so much more comfortable than my bed." His eyes were shut and the smell of alcohol that stained his breath crept up my nose as he rested his head on my chest and snuggled me like a little kid would snuggle a teddy bear before bed.

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