Chapter Seventeen

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Stephan's Point of View

"Do you mind if I come inside for a little while?" She blurted out nervously before I had parked in front of her house. The street lights illuminated the street on it's own causing a glow of light to lay itself upon the skin that belonged to us.

"Umm...yeah sure." I swallowed my saliva and then stopped in front of the path that lead to my house. I turned off the car and then my eyes followed her as she ascended and closed the door behind herself. I then followed her movement and scanned her body up and down with my eyes as she strolled in front of me.

Fuck, the view was amazing.

"Stephan!" She said after she had turned around quickly noticing my eyes trailing over her.

"I can't help it." I shrugged. "I'm a guy." I defended myself and then opened the front door allowing her to enter first.

It was weird for her to ask if she could step foot inside of my house, but I wasn't complaining. I had decided to just go with the flow. I closed the door behind myself as I watched her look around as if she hadn't been here before. She then tangled her fingers into her hair and roughed it up, which was kind of sexy.

"Is this your mom?" She asked referring to the photo of the skinny woman wearing a red sweater that I had standing upright on one of the stands in my lounge.

"Yeah, she put that there." I replied letting her know that I wasn't a momma's boy that had placed that picture there myself.

"Wow she's beautiful, what's her name?" She asked holding the picture of my mother in her hand as she looked down at it. Her hair fell down the sides of her face as her fingers held onto the picture and her eyes never leaving my mothers face.

"Jennifer, but most people prefer calling her Jennie." I smiled watching her be.

"And your father?" She asked as her curious mind wondered.

"Russell." I said stepping closer to her.

"Sounds cute. Russell and Jennifer those cute couples from like the 80's."she smiled turning to face me.

"Nah Blueberry how about...Paisley and Stephan Duke, now thats something." I smirked.

"I'm not going to marry you Stephan." She smiled and rolled her eyes at my words, placing the frame down where she had found it and then trailed off to my bedroom, looking as hot as ever. Her hair was all wild and sexy and she even chucked me a sexy look when she had turned to face me for a moment before entering my bedroom. She made her eyes look more alluring than what it already was while she bit into her lip, curling her index finger as she called me to come closer,

so I did, I followed her.

Damn, I like where this is going, but not in my bedroom. If we we're going to have sex my bedroom wasn't the place for it.

"Okay so you not going to marry me, but you're going to sleep with me?" I smiled widely and hoped her answer would be yes.

"No." She shook her head. I should have known better than to get my hopes up. I mean, this was Blueberry I was dealing with but having knowledge of the fact that there was no chance that I would get laid tonight had made it okay for her to roam free in my bedroom.

"Then why are you trying to tease me with your wild hair, amazing body and sexy looks?" I asked as she took her shoes off and then laid herself down onto my bed. She laughed at my words as she flipped her hair back and then crashed her head onto my pillow.

"Because, Stephan Ross Duke..." She stared at me pressing out every word. "It's fun." She smiled as she ended. I then pulled my t-shirt from my body and tossed it onto the ground beside me, leaving me topless for her viewing.

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